Smart Snacking- Make Every Bite Count




I’m not a huge snacker but I do get hungry throughout the day. Determined to be as healthy as I can be, I decided that I would abide by this rule: make every bite count. Which means whatever I eat should have nutritional content.

I don’t want to consume empty calories that will leave me feeling lethargic, rather I want to eat foods that will supply my body with nutrients and help me to get through the day without a nap or cup of coffee.  I also want my snacks to be pure,  containing no chemicals or ingredients that I cannot pronounce.

Here are some of my favorite healthy snacks!

Navitas Naturals makes really good snacks and powders. I will snack on their dried Dragonfruit, or these little Cacao Goji squares that really satisfy a sweet tooth. They contain antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. A small handful keeps me full for a while. I also really like the Powdered Coconut Water to add to smoothies and the Coconut Palm Sugar which I add to my gluten free fruit crumbles.

Slim and Trim Snacks are delicious kale snacks that you will want to have on hand to eat all day long! These are so good that you forget you are eating the super nutritious superfood, kale. They are raw, vegan, and gluten-free and have loads of flavor. I tore into a bag and ate almost the entire thing. Thank goodness they are loaded with iron, calcium, fiber and omega fatty acids! YUM.

Living Intentions offers some tasty, nutritious snacks. My favorites are the Cacao Crunch cereal which contains raw cacao, maca root, organic mesquite podpowder, organic astragalus root and reishi fruit body and the Sprouted Seeds with Ayurvedic Chili Blend, Pumpkin and Sunflower.

I am a big peanut butter fan and was distressed to see that many commercial brands contain loads of sugar as well as hydrogenated oils. Sometimes natural peanut butters need to be kept in the refrigerator and they harden up and are difficult to spread (although I usually just eat a big spoonful). Then I discovered Peanut Butter & Co. These butters do not have high fructose corn syrup and are gluten free.

I also like Justin’s Almond butters because as someone who is allergic to every nut except almonds and peanuts, I do not want various nuts blended into my nut butters!  The ingredients in my favorite- the Vanilla Almond Butter are just these: Dry Roasted Almonds, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Vanilla, Palm Fruit Oil, Sea Salt.

And often times I reach for a piece of fruit or a small handful of almonds or peanuts. I am an avid label reader and don’t want to come near anything that is a cocktail of weird chemical names I cannot pronounce.

Do you snack during the day? What are your favorite snack foods?


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