Lessons We Can Learn From Nature



The pouring rain is putting me in a pensive mood today. As I look outside and see the rain on the petals of my rose bush, practically weighing it down, I started thinking about what we can learn from nature. How often I have felt weighed down! I have gone through some pretty rough patches in my life, I’m sure you have too. But there is always a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, the sadness gives way to happiness and the cycle begins again.

I think about how, although I’m constantly pulling them, weeds keep popping up. Kind of metaphorical if you think about it. You can try to prevent them and pull them  but nature can be ambitious!

I think about how after we moved into this house, something green and fan-like started growing under the cement, poking through it.  This became a gigantic palm tree that sits in my backyard. Where did it come from? Nature is surprising.

After I cut my rose bushes back, they grow stronger than ever with giant, fragrant blossoms. My apricot tree is bare limbed through the winter but slowly, buds burst forth and the tree is ripe with juicy fruit when spring rolls around. Nature- life- has a cycle that is ever changing.



 “If spring comes, can winter be far behind?”- Percy Shelley

Nature is resilient– the pouring rain that is supposed to come down for the next three days might weigh those leaves down but when the sun shines again, everything will be stronger, greener and healthier. Makes me think of going through a rough patch in life and how sometimes- usually- we come through it feeling more confident. Nature never fights or struggles, it slowly accomplishes what it needs to in its own time.

Nature is humble– that tiny little sprout, bud, blossom will become a piece of fruit, a flower, a leaf. There is nothing insignificant about our ecological system!

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“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nature changes and grows– There isn’t anything that stays the same in nature. Leaves change color and fall off branches, petals drop as flowers whither. The tides of the ocean roll in and out, the sun rises and sets, the world continues to spin. We are in a constant pattern of cycling where nothing stays the same for very long. From these cycles, nature flourishes.

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“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu

There is beauty in simplicity– Nature shows us this every day! The clouds in the sky, the stillness of a forest, a placid lake…there is nothing showy or gaudy about a field of flowers or a singular daisy. The pattern in a leaf. A handful of sand. Its all quite simple yet beautiful, abundant and lavish.

“Nature is my medicine.” – Sara Moss-Wolfe

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Nature is simple in its beauty but also complex! Imagine the complicated marine life under the ocean, tiny insects on the leaf covered ground of the forest, birds in trees, animals hiding in the wilderness…I always try to remind myself that people are complex too, now matter what they (we) are showing on the outside. There may be a duck gliding on the water but underneath its little feet are quickly paddling. Nature shows us to look beneath the surface.


There are endless lessons to be learned from nature and if I had more time, I could sit here all day and think about it. Is there anything in particular you have learned about the beauty that’s around us?


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