How to do The Five Minute Face



I am usually a bit pressed for time in the mornings  and have my beauty routine down to less than ten minutes. I’m not talking about hair which is what takes me forever, but my beauty routine.

Having the right tools help as well as favorite products within easy reach.  Almost everything I use is clean, green and non toxic. One of my very favorite primers is not as green and clean as I’d like (more on this in a future post) but its better than what I used to use.

Here’s my super quick and easy five minute face:

Step 1- I conceal my gross under eye circles and discoloration using a good concealer- RMS UnCoverUp, using a small concealer brush. The brush is small enough to get around my eye area and blend quickly.

Step 2- I dab foundation – I love  100% Pure foundation– on my forehead, cheeks and chin then blend using a beauty blender. Its a sponge-like tool that’s shaped like an egg and makes blending a breeze!

Step 3- Couleur Caramel has great eye shadows and I like to use a light color on my eyelids. Sometimes I just use my finger to pat on. Minimal blending is needed because Im just using one color. If I have more time, I’ll use several shades but normally I go with a nude shadow.

Step 4- Line only the upper lids right along the lash line using Vapour Organics eye liner in a dark brown color called Truffle.

Step 5- Before blush, powder the t-zone which gets a little oily sometimes. I love Mineral Fusion powder with a big fluffy brush. Just powdered it up!

Step 6- Using Revolution Organics blush balm, I lightly dab color on my cheeks and lips. This product has staying power so I don’t need to touch up later. I like the fact I can use it on my lips too for a good base color.

Step 7- Mascara. If its one thing that I really need its a good mascara! Here I’ve shown Ava Anderson which is a fabulous non toxic choice. It coats lashes and looks natural, doesn’t smudge or irritate.

Step 8- Finally almost done. Gloss! I swipe on a gloss as I’m leaving the house and I bring it with me for touch ups. I have so many lip glosses that I use but here I’m showing Revolution Organics. 

I skipped things like eye liner and lip liner because here I’m trying to show you how to get out the door quickly and on a usual day, I don’t need to be fancy, just presentable. I will dab on a little bit of eye cream if I have the time, same goes for perfume.

How long does your morning beauty routine take?

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