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Get your best hair ever with clean, green products like these!





I have been using clean, non toxic, green hair care since discovering all the harsh chemicals in many hair care products. It all began with me trying to figure out a way to decrease the frizz in my wavy hair which led me to finding out about silicone’s in hair products (which can be harmful to some hair types like mine). My search for gentle hair care was launched as was a whole Pandora’s box of discovering harmful chemicals in many personal care products.

I was under the (wrong) impression that natural hair care wouldn’t be as good as some of my beloved products that were just chock full of nasty things. I’m glad I was wrong. Because natural products are even better for your hair as they promote  healthy hair and repaired locks with natural ingredients that do not simply coat hair but treat it.

Here are some of my favorites. 

For hair styling, I love John Masters Organics. The Dry Hair Nourishment & Defrizzer works wonders in my frizzy hair. I use this when my hair is dry. It contains a blend of oils to tame and nourish hair like  jojoba oil, lavender, rosemary and cedarwood- all of these essential oils contain special properties to aid hair in healing.

In the shower, I reach for the John Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor which is made from a blend of ingredients like honey, hibiscus, cupuacu butter and kept extracts to name a few. See, these ingredients will help the strands of hair, not coat them with a chemical cocktail.  I leave this one on as long as possible for softer and smoother hair.

I had heard great things about the Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray with Lavender and I was anxious to use this spray which smells clean and fresh. It contains sea salt and lavender- which together add texture, volume and slows hair loss. It doesn’t make hair crispy as some sea salt sprays can do, it gives a little texture and body.

For shampooing and conditioning, I turn to Rahua Voluminous products which such delicious ingredients as Lemongrass and Green tea, quinoa, Lavender and eucalyptus. These products boost hair and give it volume and body. They also smell amazing and contain organic and 100% natural ingredients! I would love to try the Volumizing Spray to really pump up the volume on my locks!

I love Josh Rosebrook’s hair products because they smell so good and are very gentle. You could use them on a baby, they are so pure. I find I don’t need a whole lot because these  products are super loaded with goodness and a little goes a long way. I reviewed these previously and I keep using them again and again. I have used the shampoo as a body wash and the conditioner to shave my legs. Keep them in the shower and use them for all of your needs! Don’t you love multitasking products?

Last but not least is Acure Organics. I’ve used all the shampoo and conditioners that they offer but the Pure Mint + Echinacea Stem Cell shampoo and conditioner work the best for my fine, frizzy, wavy, color treated locks. These are made with quinoa protein extract,  argan oil, aabassu oil and other ingredients that give hair a boost. I always have a good hair day when I use these products! There’s also a great Leave In Spray Conditioner that keeps hair soft and knot-free but doesn’t weigh hair down.

I know there are more clean, green hair care products available and I’d love to hear  your favorites!


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