Book Talk: one for now and three for later




I love a good book.

There’s nothing in the world like sitting down to read and getting lost in the pages of a story. I stand in admiration of those who can write something gripping, that keeps me up at night or makes me think long after the last page has been read.

Such is the case with Claire Bidwell Smith’s memoir, The Rules of Inheritance. I was captivated by Claire’s story and how she let it unfold, truthfully and painfully.

Claire was fourteen years old when her parents were both diagnosed with cancer. She watched them battle cancer and when her vibrant mother finally succumbed, Claire found herself lost, unmoored. She starts on a path of destruction leading her to negative behavior,  bad boys, unhealthy relationships and drinking.  By time she’s twenty five, both parents have passed away and she is very much alone in the world.

I found myself thinking about Claire’s touching story long after I finished her memoir. I wanted to reach out and give her a big hug. I am not the only fan of Claire’s story, Jennifer Lawrence has plans to produce the film version. Jennifer is also bringing another one of my favorite books to the big screen-The Glass Castle. Somehow I need to meet Jennifer Lawrence so we can bring more outstanding books to the big screen!


Next up is Bittersweet: A Novel by Miranda Beverly- Whittemore. In the mood to hunker down with a big novel? Mark this to be read. Its not due out until May 2014 so be sure to add it to your Goodreads list.

In this novel, ordinary Mabel Dagmar is befriended by her beautiful, wealthy college room-mate Genevra Winslow. Mabel can barely believe her luck when Genevra invites her to spend a summer at her family’s Vermont estate. As Mabel grows closer to her new friend, she learns not everything is as perfect as it seemed at first and the Winslow’s have some horrible secrets- secrets that are about to come spilling out.




Out on March 2014 is Vintage by Susan Gloss. This is sweet novel that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. In Madison, Wisconsin Violet Turner runs a second hand shop full of vintage treasures. Having left her alcoholic husband, she is living her dream of quietly running the popular shop.

When she learns she’s going to be evicted thanks to her landlord selling her store out from underneath her, she needs to put a plan in action to save her shop. Helping her are women with troubles of their own including April, a pregnant eighteen year old and Amithi, a woman whose marriage is beginning to unravel. These women come together to help Violet- and each other.



And I read this next book in two evenings, The Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick. You might know him as the author of The Silver Linings Playbook, the movie version starred our friend Jennifer Lawrence!  His newest novel is due out in February 2014, another book to add to your growing list.

Bartholomew Neil is a simple thirty-eight year old man living with his dying mother. He has never done much outside of his home except go to the library and attend mass.  Bartholomew finds a “free Tibet” letter from Richard Gere in his mother’s drawer and when she begins to call him “Richard,” Bartholomew plays along and develops an imaginary closeness to the actor.

When his beloved mother dies, Bartholomew is left alone for the first time in his life with little guidance except readings from Carl Jung, the Dalai Lama and visits from his local priest. In time Bartholomew develops new friends, a quirky girl who works at the library and her cat loving, alien fearing brother.

I always enjoy good books about outcasts and misfits and this book definitely has some interesting characters. A touching and inspiring novel about friendship and love-   I loved it.

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