Are you an EMPATH?


For a really long time I thought perhaps there was something wrong with me. I’m fine at home, in small (less than five people) groups, my mind is always racing and I read too much into things people say. I can also daydream for long periods of time, love quiet and hate noise, can tell when people are upset or angry without talking to them, and feel totally drained when I’m either away from home or with people for a while. 

Then I realized I was an introvert, not only that but an Empath personality too. For years and years I have felt totally misunderstood and maybe a little awkward. A little? okay, a LOT. There are very few people who are empaths but this tribe does exist. When you are one and you find someone who understands  you, its as if you have found a soul-mate.

Do you know what an Empath is? Here are the signs that you or someone you know is one:

You may be very sensitive to noises. They may not be loud, but they feel like they go right through you.

You are sensitive to harsh lights, strong smells. The energy of these things can actually induce a state where you are experiencing strong feelings triggered by them.

It’s a real trial being at places such as parties, nightclubs where there are so many people that you can barely move, and the noise is so loud that you try to leave your body until it’s all over and you get to leave. An empath will often try and leave such places as soon as it’s politely possible. They cannot understand how people can go to these places night after night, or even how they could be enjoying themselves.


You may also hate crowded places such as shopping plazas, train stations or just too many people in the same room. Normally it’s a place where there is chaotic energy, and the people around you are stressed and just want to get what they are there to do over and done with.

You may experience periods of anxiety for no apparent reason. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to let it go, or get over it, and you have no idea why.

You feel over sensitive to whether people want to be around you or not. Indeed, if you sense that you are not welcome somewhere or by someone, you will hastily make the quickest retreat you can or become ungrounded.

You feel ungrounded. That is, you are all in your mind, rather than your body. When you are somewhere where you do not feel comfortable, or are bored, or just do not wish to be there, you will often retreat into your imagination, and travel to far off and distant places. Anywhere but where you are.


You can always tell how someone else feels, even if they tell you something else. This is often taken personally, though generally, it’s just the other person having issues, which have nothing to do with you. The closer you are to someone, the more you will fear it has to do with you.

You feel a great connection to animals and things of nature, including plants and trees. Indeed, you may sense the energy of an area very strongly, be it positive or negative.

You don’t feel like you belong to this world. Indeed, the empath will often feel like a fish out of water, and honestly believe that they don’t belong here. That’s because the behavior of others are so strange and alien to them, they just can’t relate.empath2

 You may feel overwhelmed by too many people, energies or emotions happening all at once. Being an empath is like being a psychic sponge. If you do not have control over your abilities, and know how to purge, you will eventually go into toxic overload, especially when there is so much psychic pollution out there. Sometimes having a cleansing shower can work wonders.

You and others consider yourself a highly sensitive person. Even the smallest change in moods can be picked up by you. It can be very disconcerting.

(I didn’t make that list up, it came right from here!)

I can tell  you a number of times where I’ve experienced everything on that list. I’ve started reading articles about being an empath because this resonates with me, I feel so less alone knowing I’m not weird or crazy!

Are you an Empath?


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3 thoughts on “Are you an EMPATH?

  1. Wow, I have never read ANYTHING that describes me so accurately. I’ve always know that I’m an introvert and very sensitive but this is the first I’ve heard of being an empath. I will definitely be reading up on this. I wish I knew some empaths in real life. It would be so nice to hang out with people that understand why I’m not comfortable in certain situations.

  2. I thought there was something wrong with me until I read that description! We empaths have to stick together, we are a rare breed!

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