What are you favorite green beauty blogs? Here are some that I read!



I’m kind of new to the world of green beauty having only  been at this since January. Quickly I discovered several really great blogs with loads of information- namely No More Dirty Looks, The Wellness Warrior and Living Pretty, Naturally.

I spent hours reading about ingredients in cosmetics, hair and personal care products on SkinDeep and refer to that site frequently even now. Its like a whole new world opened up to me when I discovered non-toxic, green, clean beauty.

From there I bookmarked the fantastic green blogs that I stumbled upon. I love the green beauty community and you will probably find several of these girls on Twitter and Facebook tagging each other because there is such a great love for sharing information and being supportive of one another- I love that.

Here is a list of some of my favorites in no particular order! 

True Beauty By Nature

Organic Beauty Talk

Green Beauty Team

The Green Product Junkie

Seed to Serum

Genuine Glow

Well Beauty Blog

Indigo + Canary

Mind Body Green

Kimberly Loc

Run On Organic

Peace on the Skin & Peace Within

Organic Beauty Blogger

Beauty by Britanie

Rawmazing (this is a food blog with gorgeous pictures!)

the Glamorganic Goddess

Pemberley Jones

Naturalla Beauty

Wellness Mama (health family living plus recipes)

I’ve probably left someone out and for that I’m sorry! There are so many great beauty blogs out there but my focus is finding like-minded people who write about health, wellness, clean beauty and living a green lifestyle.

My dream is to have all of us come together and produce a green, clean, healthy magazine! Wouldn’t that be fun?

What are your favorite green beauty blogs?

6 thoughts on “What are you favorite green beauty blogs? Here are some that I read!

  1. What an HONOR! Thank you so much for mentioning R.O.O. I love and appreciate your support and all that you do! You have such a fantastic blog here–You’re helping women everywhere!

  2. Love all the ones above and Life in Blush, Ana Goes Green, S Green Juice, Call It Vanity, Fragmented Splendor, Dream & Scheme, Nephriticus, DIY Natural, Plein Vanity, skjonnhet, the beauty of it is, No More Dirty Looks, Beauty Idealist, and Short, Small & Sweet.

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