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Review: Ellovi Body Butter



Butter yourself up with all natural, all organic Ellovi Body Butter!

By Caroline Leavitt


“We created Butter because most body butters are full of unnecessary chemicals, parabens, and preservatives created in science labs. Your skin is one giant sponge, so you’ve got to protect it from soaking in the bad stuff.”


A gorgeous body butter made form just six natural ingredients, Ellovi Butter actually feeds your skin with nutritional ingredients like Macademia Seed Oil, naturally found in young skin; Coconut Seed Oil, with proteins and amino acids to beauty your body; Hemp, with antioxidants to protect your skin from the harmful toxins in the environment; Marula Oil, to protect skin; and healing Shea butter.


The ingredients are actually so pure, you could safely eat them–though you will want to save them to slather on your skin.


I loved how lightweight this felt. I also loved that it’s handcrafted in small batches to keep it pure. Plus, It’s fragrance free for sensitive noses like mine! So butter up and beautiful the natural way.


No animal ingredients or testing.




Find this organic product here!


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