Meditation for Beginners


More and more I keep hearing about the power of meditation. I personally have never managed to do much with it but I plan on beginning a meditation practice this week. Usually when I sit, I allow my mind to wander and I end up daydreaming rather than meditating. Or I get sleepy and start thinking about taking a nap. Its time to get serious about meditation!

Why meditate? I started doing some research and discovered the following reasons:

  • lower blood pressure
  • improved blood circulation
  • lower heart rate
  • less perspiration
  • slower respiratory rate
  • less anxiety
  • lower blood cortisol levels
  • more feelings of well-being
  • less stress
  • deeper relaxation

It also helps with creativity, problem solving and focus.

Meditation has  been used for thousands of years, its hardly a new idea. From Buddhist Monks to Jesuit priests, people have been utilizing this tool/practice to conquer fear, practice self control, sharpen the mind and gain calmness in the midst of a busy life.

I’ve also read lots of very successful people meditate on a regular basis- Lena Dunham, Judd Apatow and Jerry Seinfeld are three that I remember reading about. There must be a connection to the Law of Attraction and the practice of meditation.

Want to get cracking on meditation? I do!

There are a few different ways to meditate. I’ve broken them down simply:

Mindful Meditation is where you calm your busy mind, often referred to as the “monkey mind” with all of those thoughts jumping around your brain. Quiet your mind and sit still for 15-20 minutes, focusing on one thing like your breath, a sound, a word.

Active Meditation is where your body and mind sync up- like going for a long walk (Darwin was a fan of walking meditation) and focusing on your body’s movement, the pavement under your feet, etc. Yoga is another wonderful door to active meditation as you focus on your body and breath.

Guided Meditations might be easiest for those who are new to this practice. Simply head to YouTube and type in “guided meditation” and numerous ones will pop  up. Here someone will guide you through a basic meditation, all you need to do is sit up and focus.

Affirmation and mantras – repetition of a word or phrase. The vibrations and frequency of the word (om is a common one) help to clear the mind.


There is tons of guides to meditation, different types of meditation and more on the health benefits of meditating all over the internet and on Pinterest! I have found guided meditations on YouTube as well.

Do you meditate or will you start now? I look forward to  beginning this practice!








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