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Let’s make this Breast Cancer Prevention Month!

We know about breast and other cancers so this month I want to share tips and information about PREVENTING cancer. 

From Ava Anderson Non Toxic and this sums up my feelings exactly – “I am pretty sure most of us are ‘aware’ of breast cancer by now, I will be concentrating my efforts on ‘awareness’ of what is put into and onto our bodies … Many pretty pink ribbon products contain known and suspected carcinogenic ingredients. I will continue to strive to be aware of steering clear of companies that are potentially harming me … It’s insulting that corporations continue to ask me to buy and to walk and to run while potentially poisoning me the whole time.

Companies that are invested in true wellness, chemical policy reform, and full disclosure as well as putting an effort into eliminating harmful chemicals is where my incredibly hard earned money is better spent. I’m pretty aware of cancer already and becoming more enlightened about actual cause and prevention every day.” 

The connection between cosmetics and breast cancer:

breastcancerRead over this list. Check your products for the above ingredients and swap out products that contain them.

You can read a little more about this here and easy ways to green your beauty cabinet which I wrote when I tossed my toxic beauty and skincare products here.

Let’s do this!

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