It’s Okay to Be Good Enough




Perfectionism would be nice. I would love to be the perfect wife and mother, friend, daughter, sister. I’d like to have a perfectly fit body and be committed to a tough routine at the gym that would give me perfectly tight abs and a round butt. My cooking could be better, certainly my housekeeping skills could use some improvement. I would get started on my looks but then Id never stop, let’s just say I would not be opposed to a little tweak here and there. I’m so far from perfect. Sometimes I get down and upset and want to sit in the closet because I feel badly about myself for not being as perfect as I think I should be.

When does it ever stop?

When is it time to let go of the idea of being perfect?

Can I finally just accept that what I am is good enough?

I was talking to a friend and she explained she used to kill herself at the gym, for years she would run miles and miles and lift weights and drink protein shakes. Lately however, she shrugs and says, “Well, sometimes I go for a walk. Not always. When I can.”

And that’s good enough.

Do you ever feel so tired of trying to be your own idea of perfect that you want to sit in the closet and cry too?

Try being  gentle and kind to yourself and accept that being good enough is well, good enough! Criticizing yourself, berating yourself, having a negative internal dialogue is not positive and will wreck havoc on your self esteem. Negativity creates jealously and frustration and sets the stress hormones racing into your system, which can be not only draining by bad for your skin, digestive system,  and overall well being.

Being hard on yourself doesn’t allow you to rest, relax and refuel. I think this is key in creating an all over healthy synergy within your body and soul. Its why all the health experts talk about the importance of meditation.

Shift focus from “I’m not good enough” to ” I AM GOOD AND THAT’S ENOUGH!”

Its a really tough lesson to learn in a world where we, especially as women, feel the pressure to be thinner, prettier, smarter, have a nice home, drive a fancy car…and its an endless cycle.

When you accept that being good enough is actually fine…its freeing. Perfection does not exist. But being good does.





2 thoughts on “It’s Okay to Be Good Enough

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! This post was EXACTLY what I needed right now! I am a senior in college and just had midterms…throughout my academic career I have been so focused on being perfect that maybe I missed out on some of the fun times. But it is never too late to change focus and improve upon yourself.
    Thank you again for sharing!

  2. Don’t be hard on yourself and give yourself permission to do your best then leave it at that! No one is perfect-
    easier said than done, right? xoxoxo

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