Get super white, clean teeth with these unconventional products


When I posted a photo of my teeth on Instagram, I didn’t anticipate so many responses. I had friends emailing me asking “what is that? does it work?”

The photo I posted was of my teeth, having just brushed them with Activated Charcoal. Not charcoal briquettes from the grill. I’m talking about Activated Charcoal, which has been around for thousands of years. Its also called Carbon. “Carbon’s negative ionic charge attracts positive ionic charges (of toxins and poisons) causing them to bind and then escorts them out of the body via the eliminative channel of the intestines.”


Carbon helps  heal intestinal and stomach issues like bloating and gas but the magic powers of this substance don’t stop there. It also has the power to whiten and brighten teeth! If you are a berry eater, consumer of spices, or a coffee, tea or wine drinker (check, check, check) you will probably see an immediate brightening of your teeth when you brush/buff with the activated charcoal.

I have read a few different ways to brush but here’s how I do it: I open a capsule and empty it into a container, add a few drops of water and lightly buff my teeth with the paste like mixture (brushing might be abrasive so be gentle). Your mouth will turn black- its pretty scary. When you rinse your mouth, the charcoal washes away and you are left with white teeth. You can also make a paste and swish it around your mouth, skipping the brushing altogether.

I would recommend only doing the charcoal mixture 1-2 times a week because you don’t want the enamel wearing down. You can also make a charcoal face mask using water, aloe vera and charcoal. Beware- the charcoal gets everywhere and you might freak out over how stained your sink (never mind your teeth!) looks. Black powder everywhere! It does clean up pretty easily- thank goodness.

If the thought of charcoal on your teeth is just too much to handle, I recommend this excellent tooth powder- Cinnamon Stick Tooth Powder by Aquarian Bath is made with Bentonite Clay, Organic Cinnamon Powder, Activated Charcoal, 5x Myrhh powder, and organic stevia. You take a pinch in your palm and add a dab of water, dip your toothbrush and brush away. This powder is safe, gentle and non abrasive.

I love the flavor of cinnamon so its a real treat to brush my teeth with this! Skip the sodium laurel sulfate laden toothpaste in favor of a tooth powder like this one. Aquarian Bath makes more than fancy tooth powder. They create soaps, salves, balms and body care products that are non toxic, clean, green and made in small  batches with high quality ingredients. You can learn more here! 

Have you tried activated charcoal? Do you  have home remedies for whiter teeth?



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  1. Hey Cindy. I just came across your blog and I loved every single post I’ve read so far! I’ll definitely try out the carbon trick for whiter teeth. 🙂 Greetings from Germany

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