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Fall Beauty: Natural products to splurge on


It’s finally feeling like fall weather! And with the change of seasons, comes the desire to buy new boots and sweaters and knit scarves and just cozy up with a good book and enjoy being snuggled up at home.

As you change up your beauty routine, why not splurge on something special for yourself like one of these delicious products?

Here are just some of my favorites and why I love them (they all smell AMAZING). Will you treat yourself to something special this season? You should!

May Lindstrom’s The Clean Dirt and The Problem Solver.

Why I love it: Both of these smell so good. They are perfect for anytime but the warming spices used in May’s blends just smell like fall to me. I told myself that I’d use these products sparingly, as treats, but I’m addicted to using them both multiple times a week. I even took some of The Problem Solver with me on vacation, I couldn’t live without it.

The Clean Dirt lightly exfoliates and leaves skin clean and soft while The Problem Solver helps troubled skin. I have slightly oily skin that is acne prone and these products work amazingly well for  me. There is nothing like May’s products on the market- they are just the perfect combination of ingredients and they leave skin radiant.

Osmia Organics Sunset Body Oil 

Why I love it: The fragrance, the way it absorbs into my skin and leaves it ultra soft and the fact its made with high quality ingredients and is very pure. Organic vanilla and jasmine lightly scent your skin. Love this after my shower.

All of Osmia Organic’s products are seriously fabulous and smell delicious.

Marble and Milkweed Perfume No 1

Why I love it: Everything from this brand is amazing but I instantly fell in love with this blend. Before swapping to clean, non toxic products I used various perfumes and colognes, not realizing they were toxic.

Now I seek out scents like this one- made from  botanical oils and other natural goodness. This dreamy perfume blend combines: cardamom, black pepper with jasmine, nutmeg and  vanilla, sandalwood, lapsang souchong, peru balsam, benzoin. I love using it with the Sunset Body Oil (above). I think these two compliment each other very well.

Skin & Bones Luxurious Moisturizer and Luxurious Cleanser


Why I love it: Sometimes I’m in the mood for  a scent like the Sunset Body Oil and other times I’m in the mood for more of Ylang Ylang/Myrrh/Sandalwood smell. This is the best blend of essential oils, it leaves skin soft and smelling so good. I use this like a perfume, dabbing it on pulse points and on my neck.

The Luxurious Cleanser is equally as intoxicating! This lovely black jojoba bead wash is good for face and body. Its a great scent, cleans skin and leaves it smelling good and feeling soft. You can definitely make shower time a luxury with this. After a good body brush (more on this coming up soon) I use this and my skin is glowing!


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