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Cancer Survivor Britta Aragon and her company, CV Skinlabs


At 16 years old, Britta Aragon was diagnosed with cancer and she fought it. Years later, her father was diagnosed with cancer and battled the disease for eight years.

Britta learned that many products she thought were helping her father’s skin during chemotherapy were actually carcinogenic. She wanted to make a change and so she developed CV Skinlabs. (CV stands for Cinco Vidas)

“Compromised skin is more at risk from exposure to toxic chemicals, not only because it’s susceptible to irritation, but because these chemicals can more easily penetrate skin’s malfunctioning outer layer and get inside the body.”

Britta is also involved in helping people change their lives through her blog, book, products, and webinars and lectures. You could say she’s dedicated her life to health! I got the chance to try some of Britta’s soothing, gentle products and loved them. 

When I got terrible burns on my chest and arm from boiling hot soup, it was the Restorative Skin Balm that saved the day,soothed the pain and helped to heal my burns. This is a non-petroleum product that doesn’t contain anything toxic. I love it on my cuticles and lips too, especially in this dry weather. It contains Canuba, Bees Wax, Vitamin E and Seabuckthorn along with other natural ingredients that treat skin. I highly recommend having this on hand for dry skin and skin irritations.

I also tried the Body Repair Lotion which I have on my bathroom counter to use every day.  This product is perfect for adding moisture to dry skin. It delivers hydration without any overwhelming scent which is excellent for those who dislike products with a fragrance. It is perfectly suited to help dermatitis, eczema, radiation burns, and for soothing irritation from post laser hair removal, waxing and shaving.

This contains “turmeric, alpha-bisabolol and reishi mushroom is a powerful combination of anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and skin-soothing ingredients that encourage repair and healing of damaged skin.”

Britta’s products are well suited to all kinds of skin (especially sensitive skin) and since they are so soothing, gentle, calming and non toxic, even children can use them. Besides what I tried, CV Skinlabs also offers  Calming Moisture for Face and   Rescue + Relief Spray .

Learn about this amazing woman and check out more of Britta’s gentle products here!

I encourage you to skip the Pink products that contain toxins and do little to contribute to actual research/treatment/prevention of breast cancer and check out these reputable organizations that Britta works with:

1) the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics works hard to inform people about the potentially harmful ingredients in personal care and home care products, while striving to change legislation to be more protective.

2)Brighter Days brings hope and renewed confidence to people living with cancer by helping them deal with difficult side effects on the skin, hair, and nails.

3) Gilda’s Club 

4) Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE), a national organization that works to eliminate toxic chemicals that harm women’s health. Together, Cinco Vidas and WVE are raising awareness about and taking action against toxic chemicals linked to cancer. A portion of When Cancer Hits book sales goes to WVE’s work empowering women to raise their voices for the right to live in a healthy environment.


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