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Cancer Prevention Month: Spotlight on Turmeric

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My beautiful friend Carla from Organic Lifestyle TV, has written a great article about the benefits of Turmeric. She has a video and more information on her site which you can view here.  I don’t know a whole lot about it so I wanted to pass along what I have learned about the magic of Turmeric. This super food should be incorporated into our diets because the benefits are numerous.

Let’s read and learn more! 

“Turmeric has over 600 potential health benefits, and even though we would love to discuss all of them with you, we realize that would make a very, very, very long video. So we focused on the top three we have found to be most important for you to know. But before we tell you our top 3 picks, you should know that Turmeric might be the most researched herb out there and it has been linked to:


Drum Roll, Please… The Top 3 Healing Properties of Turmeric are:

1) Antioxidant: One of the most remarkable and consistently verified healing properties of turmeric (and its primary polyphenol curcumin) is its antioxidant properties. has indexed 224 studies proving this connection, which can be viewed here: antioxidant properties of turmeric (curcumin).

2) Anti-Inflammatory: Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory, with a wide range of physiological actions, including Cox-2 enzyme inhibition (the same pathway suppressed by NSAID drugs like aspirin and Celebrex) and analgesic (pain-killing) properties. See the research on its anti-inflammatory properties here on

3) DNA-Protecting: Turmeric has the well-known capacity to protect the DNA of healthy cells within our body. Cancerous cells, on the other hand, are stimulated to undergo programmed cell death when exposed to its many phytocompounds, particularly curcumin. This ability to intelligently differentiate between protecting the DNA of good cells and activating cell suicide programs within the DNA of bad ones, is known as selective cytotoxicity and is a well-known property of turmeric.”

I just saw some Turmeric in the market today and wanted to buy it but wasn’t sure if I’d like the flavor or really, what to do with a piece of raw turmeric.  A great place to start is by using it in powdered form, sprinkled on a salad or in a soup.  Will you try it? I’m going to!

Please visit Carla’s site and watch her video here!

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  1. Nice article- thanks for sharing. Also just wanted to point out that it is “tuRmeric” not “tumeric” 🙂

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