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Why Choose Natural Products?


A while back, I wrote this article, Natural Beauty Myth’s…Busted! because I felt so many people had the wrong idea about natural or organic beauty. Its not weak and watery skincare, grainy or earthy makeup or natural fragrances that smell like lawn clippings.

Your  harmful, chemical laden skincare routine might produce results but keep in mind the toxins are building up in your system. Microscopic may they be, these teeny particles can do some long term damage. Remember this: your skin is a carrier, not a  barrier. It doesn’t shield you from the synthetic chemicals and nasty toxins, it helps absorb them into your body. 60% of what you put on your skin is taken into your system!

I was totally oblivious to the ingredients in skincare, makeup, hair products and various other personal care items. While I may have scanned the ingredients, I never knew what many of them were and I didn’t care. I knew certain brands were more toxic than others but I still used them. I always assumed that companies wouldn’t use toxic ingredients because…well, why poison people? Now I realize companies aren’t trying to poison us exactly- they are trying to sell us products.

Then (and I’ve written about this before) something clicked for me and one weekend, I completely cleaned out all of my products and slowly started replacing them with better, non-toxic choices. If I was making and drinking green juice, eating dark leafy greens, drinking water and doing yoga, what on earth was I doing using toxic products?

Its been several months and I’ve been using nothing but non-toxic products, I haven’t looked back. As I might have mentioned before, the appeal of advertisements touting new makeup and magazines featuring conventional, toxic products is lost on me nowadays. I no longer shop in the beauty aisles of Target or CVS but spend hours looking online for natural products.

Here’s why I am LOVING my non-toxic, natural, organic products. I hope you consider switching if you haven’t already!

*Natural products are often made in small batches, by hand using organic and natural ingredients- they are fresh!

*There are no dangerous long term effects of using natural, organic ingredients on skin and hair.

*Natural products don’t test on animals- this is the case in the majority of the products I have tried.

*You won’t find mineral oils, parabens, synthetic preservatives, artificial  fragrances, harmful chemicals in a product that is created from natural ingredients.

*They work! Once I was turned on to Annmarie Gianni’s amazing skincare and saw visible results, I began to rethink the world of natural beauty products. Since then, I have used so many wonderful natural products that have made a difference in my skin, hair and body!

*Those who make natural products are easily accessible! Josh Rosebrook, Indie Lee, Sarah from Osmia Organics, May from May Lindstrom Skincare, Briar from Marble and Milkweed, are just a few of the masterminds behind the most amazing natural products. These brilliant people are available on Twitter and Facebook to answer your questions and to talk to you about their products.

*They smell good.

*No need to make false claims, the natural products speak for themselves.


I love how Kimberly Snyder sums it all up beautifully with this: Our skin is an outer expression of our inner health and beauty, and how we care for it from the outside, as well as the inside, is extremely important. (source)


4 thoughts on “Why Choose Natural Products?

  1. I am so happy to hear you have decided to use clean organic skin care and to be a voice for well-being on the inside and out.
    As you mentioned in your tweet,Dollface you do need to try Pangea Organics skin care. Our products are organic, plant and flower based, effective and well- priced ! They are healing, nourishing and do protect our skin, our planet and its people.
    Know that when you use Pangea Organic Skin Care you : 1. Support organic agriculture in 52 different countries on over 1.5 million acres (and growing) !
    2 . Create jobs in America (all of our products are made in the USA)
    3. Detoxify your life !
    5. Help change the world by supporting social and environmentally sustainable business.
    6. Part of a organic and socially just movement.
    Please everyone feel free to contact me anytime for information, samples or skin care advice.
    Many thanks – stay well and know that for the month of September we are offering Free Shipping and donating 10% of our sales for the Colorado Flood Relief Effort.
    Elaine Springer
    and remember to ask me about my party special(Free Matcha Mask or Body Polish with $75.00 party purchase) ,hosting a party or becoming a Beauty Ecologist yourself for this wonderfully fair and ethical company !

  2. Thanks so much Elaine. Ava Anderson is very similar in that they are non-toxic, free from anything harmful, they use essential oils and natural ingredients to heal.
    They have some great skincare that is perfect for people with sensitive skin, their household cleaners are amazing and they even offer pet care products.
    You can check this line out here:

    My favorite is the sunscreen which I wear everyday and I love their natural mascara which is gentle to eyes.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing!! Although my makeup collection is not entirely natural I am on my way to becoming that way as I am learning more and more and am becoming more and more concerned with my health. I love reading your blog because it solidifies my decision to move away from the traditional products and even into just a healthier lifestyle in general.
    Thank you so much for sharing and keep it sweet and stylish!

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