Sunday reading from yours truly…


Looking for a good book? I have two to recommend.  File this under ‘self promotion‘ ! My goals have always included being a successful author and screenwriter. Somewhere along the way I started blogging as a way to keep up my writing skills and here I am.  Currently I have about four novels sitting on the hard drive of my computer, just waiting to be read. And two  young adult mystery novels that I wrote along with my dear friend, The Curvy Blonde!

Six years ago, my first novel came out then I rewrote it and published it as an ebook.  Its a light, fun novel- nothing heavy or serious or literary. And its only 99 cents!

I also co-wrote a kids book and wrote a pilot for a potential tv show, Victorious Girls. If you have a young girl between the ages of 6-11, this is a fabulous book and workbook for them. 

Happy Reading!


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