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Natural Oil for Skin & Body: Boditonic




I’ve had this oil sitting on my bathroom counter for a while now. I am such a lover of oils that I keep them all close for application throughout the day. Boditonic is wonderful- you can use it on your face and body and it smells so good that find I want to apply and reapply. I LOVE that its natural. Skip your toxic creams and lotions in favor of this oil!

Here is what you need to know about this miracle oil:

Not only does Boditonic improve the elasticity of your skin while destroying free radicals, but it is also the only oil with a molecular structure that allows it to penetrate into the bone. Not only does this improve skeletal strength and structure but also assists in the development and proliferation of red blood cells-a crucial component in your overall health. 

Its totally natural, heals skin, softens dry skin and is rich and hydrating for all skin types. It contains Vitamin E, B Complex vitamins, essential fatty acids, proteins and minerals. Sounds almost good enough to eat! (but don’t) This oil is simple but effective.

I tried the Original (I highly recommend it) but there is also a Baby formula. Check it out here! 

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