I’d love to see these brands go natural



I was really happy to learn about Wal*Mart promising to phase out products with hazardous chemicals:

“Wal-Mart Stores announced Thursday that it will require suppliers to disclose and eventually phase out nearly 10 hazardous chemicals from the fragrances, cosmetics, household cleaners and personal care products at its stores.” SOURCE 

These changes will take place between 2015-2016 so its not going to be immediate and they haven’t disclosed exactly which chemicals will be eliminated but this is a big step forward. This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There is so much more to be done in the personal care industry!

Before going natural, non-toxic, clean and green, I loved a wide variety of makeup from the expensive department store brands down to the cheaper drugstore products. I am so much more discriminating now and read labels, do research and investigate on the Skin Deep website. I hope you are doing the same.

Here are some brands that I miss using and I’d like to see them revamp their ingredients and get rid of the toxins in their formulas. 

MAC Cosmetics: MAC is such a cosmetics giant! Everyone knows this brand and loves them for their innovative colors and collections. Can you imagine if MAC announced it would be using non-toxic ingredients? This company could have a serious impact on female health by discontinuing the use of harmful chemicals in their beauty products. I would even love to see them come out with a single collection that was made up of natural ingredients!

Aveeno:  I was an Ambassador for Aveeno for a while and liked their gentle formulas, the use of active naturals and botanicals, their commitment to  the consumer. Unfortunately, they do use some harmful chemicals in their products. This is a huge shame because the brand has a good reputation and their products work well with sensitive skin. Some of their creams and lotions are more toxic than others so you have to look up their hazard rating on Skin Deep. Still, I hope that Aveeno might eliminate oxybenzone, synthetic fragrances and other toxins to become the truly natural brand I know they can be!

lead lipstick

Avon: With all the work that Avon does with Breast Cancer, you’d think their products would be clean and free of toxic ingredients, right? Wrong. It would be a major step if Avon could commit to not using anything that could possibly contribute to breast cancer, or any kind of cancer. I don’t understand the logic of supporting the research for breast cancer being a strong advocate for curing the disease yet using the very ingredients that have been linked to cancer. Avon, wake up!

Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore: I was introduced to this brand when it came out and fell in love. I loved Drew, her involvement in making her products, the fact these products are cruelty free, I loved the colors, everything! Then I started looking at ingredients and realized this line was not clean and non-toxic. What a great message Drew could send if her beauty products were made from natural ingredients. If Drew Barrymore gave her line a makeover and deleted all synthetics, harmful chemicals etc. from her line of beauty products, that would probably speak to hundreds of thousands of women about the topic of clean beauty.

L’Oreal Paris: I said it many times throughout the years, I loved this brand. It was definitely a favorite, from the mascara to the eyeliner to the nail polish. I had been using L’Oreal Paris since I was allowed to wear makeup. So its heartbreaking to me that the brand uses toxic ingredients. While all products use chemicals, some are more hazardous than others. Nearly all companies use fragrance which as you  know, can be made up of hundreds of toxic chemicals- and companies do not have disclose this.

As always, I highly recommend you check out your favorite brands and do your own research by going to Skin Deep. It would be a dream come true to walk into Sephora and see that Stila, Benefit, Lancome and my other faves were non-toxic. Its not that all chemicals are bad and harmful, there are some that have a low hazard rating and are safe to use. Its that companies are using parabens, BHA (a stabilizer),  dyes, fragrance, fillers…you get the idea.

What brands would you like to see go natural?



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