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I am loving these natural, handcrafted beauty brands


If I had not turned away from conventional drugstore /department store beauty and personal care products, I would have never known about these seriously amazing brands. Each of these brands are run by people who are passionate about creating natural products. Just as passionate as I am about discovering them!

I will be forever grateful that I discovered the dangerous chemicals and toxins in products, because that lead me to Carefree Organics, ANA, and Avreal just to name a few green, clean brands. I can tell you that the owners of these companies are dedicated to providing consumers with  natural products that work well with ingredients from the earth AND they care about the environment, about health and consumers. They do not test on animals and there are no hidden synthetics or fillers in their products.

Let me introduce you!

Avreal features hand crafted products that feature ingredients so pure they often come from the garden! I am impressed with the products I tried, my favorite has to be the Clay Cleanser. Not only is it gentle but it cleans and gently exfoliates. It contains white clay, oatmeal and dried botanicals of chamomile, rose, lavender and licorice root.

I also tried the Mineral Mask which draws out impurities from the skin and is made from French Green clay which is quarried from up to 1000 ft into the earth and is high in mineral content. I put this on my skin and let it works its magic. Its perfect for anyone from teenagers with acne prone skin to adults with oily skin. Use with the Blemish Remedy– a gentle treatment for pimples which I am so grateful for because as adults we do not need the ultra strong skin drying creams found in the store.

The Moisturizer smells so good, I love it for my hands, face, neck, chest. It has a lightly floral scent and is made with Meadowfoam oil and Rosehip seed oil. And until fairly recently, I never knew natural soaps could smell SO GOOD- check out the ones from Avreal for handcrafted goodness.  Find Avreal here!

Next up is Carefree Organics, another fabulous brand that is made from super pure ingredients. After reading about the toxins and growing frustrated with the harmful chemicals in many products including those calling themselves “natural” Rebecca began to make her own truly natural products. And I’m glad she did!

Since receiving the solid perfume, I haven’t gone a day where I have not applied the Sandalwood-Vanilla scented fragrance! Its made from a beeswax and coconut oil  base. All ingredients are organic!

I also tried the Sassy Sea Spray for the hair. This spray is a blend of oils and sea salt. Its perfect for dry, frizzy hair and a little bit goes a long way. You can spray it on your hair but I find that spraying it into my hands, then applying to the ends of my hair works well. Oh and the scent of this? Is awesome. Carefree Organics offers loads of green, clean products, you will want to check them out here!

All Natural Always aka ANA, is another brand that uses pure, natural ingredients and the products smell so good! There are body scrubs that smell so heavenly, I wish you could smell them through your computer. These leave your skin soft too. I couldn’t pick a favorite but if I had to, I’d say the Lavender is my fave!

I love this roll on Balancing Stress Relief Serum which I gently apply every night before bed, its become a routine for me. Smells of lavender and is soothing and lovely and is a great way to start your wind-down before sleep.

You can use the Lip Balm for lips and cuticle, which I also do every night! I keep both by my bedside table and use them without fail. The Eye and Lip Serum is made from a blend of oils and is perfect for the fine lines around the eyes, its also a nice clear lip gloss! Just roll it right around your eye area. No mess!

The Facial Mist is gentle and soothing- I can see this as being ideal for after a facial or on a hot day. Or after you steam your face, if that’s the kind of thing you do.  You can find ANA here.

I am SO HAPPY that these brands exist and the people who make these products love doing what they do. As I mentioned before, I had preconceived notions about what “natural” products would be like. I was nervous about not being able to find anything I’d feel passionate and excited about. But lo and behold, there are many brands out there such as Avreal, Carefree Organics and ANA, and their serums, lotions, cleansers, fragrances, scrubs are beyond what I ever knew before going natural!


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