Have you detoxed your personal care items yet?


To recap the past several months: for many years I was blogging about all kinds of beauty products from head to toe and in between. I ran to Sephora to check out new products, I eagerly tore into my Allure and Lucky magazines to see the latest and greatest beauty products. I worked with various companies and tested their products and attended their events. I enjoyed great relationships with big PR companies who sent products for review.

Then I discovered that the very beauty products I was using, loving and recommending, were full of toxins. I’m talking about synthetics and chemicals that had the potential to cause damage to the endocrine system, encourage tumor growth, contribute to cancer, actually cause  skin conditions, and more.

I had to reevaluate. Knowing what I had learned, there was not any way I could go on recommending these products to my readers. I wrote to my contacts and explained I was no longer reviewing anything that wasn’t natural or organic. I lost a lot of contacts. I lost a lot of opportunities and advertisers.

I spent one Saturday throwing out my old, toxic beauty products. I researched (and am still researching) ingredients and book marked SkinDeep.

One of the most memorable phrase I have heard is “Your skin is a carrier, not a barrier” which makes sense to me. Your skin is the biggest organ and takes everything in. Slather on sunscreen and its absorbed into your blood stream. Same with your perfumes, foundations, hand lotions…everything!

Makes sense that you’d want your body to be chemical free, right?

However many people I talk to have little interest in reading labels and throwing out their toxic products. Maybe they are scared of change? Afraid that natural products won’t be as good? Nervous that the selection is limited?

To that I say: Take the challenge to go chemical free. 

*Set aside a couple of hours to familiarize yourself with the most toxic ingredients. Parabens, Synthetic colors aka FD&C colorsPhthalates, quaternium-15, DMDM hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea and diazolidinyl urea also known as formadehyde, Lead, Mineral Oil, Petroleum Jelly, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate- just to name the most common toxins found in many personal care products.

*Read labels, ditch anything that contains those toxins.

*Pay attention to your deodorant, it might have Aluminum which linked to breast cancer. And Alzheimer’s Disease.

*Beautiful, healthy skin comes from within. Be sure to eat a lot of greens and drink water with lemon. I recommend juicing or blending as a quick way to consume lots of nutrients.

*Don’t fall prey to green washing. Companies can write whatever they want on a label and don’t need to back it up with facts. Just because a product boasts “essential oils” doesn’t mean it does not contain a host of toxic ingredients too. Wise up. I hate that people are being tricked by marketing jargon.

I have found so many AMAZING products since going natural. Here are just a few of my favorites:

May Lindstrom, Lina Hanson, Osmia Organics, Acure Organics, Ava Anderson Non Toxic, Nyl Skincare, Balanced Guru, Zen Society, Josh Rosebrook, Marble & Milkweed, W3LL People, RMS Beauty, ILIA, Pur Minerals, Mineral Fusion, Vapour Organic Beauty.

There are more, but those have been what I’ve been using nearly every day.

I believe your entire body works together from the food you eat to what you drink to what you put on your skin. You want to have optimum health inside and out. Why be a vegan if you are going to slather your body with chemicals? Why are you exercising but using products containing parabens?

The best thing you can do for your health RIGHT NOW is to detox your personal care items.

Are you up for this challenge?



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