Dear Target, Please Carry More Non-Toxic Beauty Brands…


In a tweet recently, I asked Target to “clean up” their beauty aisles. They kindly responded thinking I was talking about the aisles being actually dirty, which they physically are not. However, as I have lamented before, there are aisles and aisles and shelves of toxic beauty products and only a small part of a single aisle dedicated to clean beauty. And it could be cleaner but I’ll take what I can get. As always, there’s an element of “greenwashing” going on so as a responsible consumer, you always need to read labels.

Imagine if it were the other way around, that Target (and WalMart, CVS, RiteAid etc) offered aisles of non-toxic beauty products with only five shelves dedicated to the harmful chemical laden products? What it if were the norm to seek out non-toxic beauty, hair and skincare?

I rounded up some brands that I think would be a great fit for Target stores. I have loads of luxury brands that I LOVE but I know they are specially hand-crafted and it would be tough for these lovely brands to compromise their integrity by allowing their natural recipes to be tampered with in order to produce on a large scale.

It might be nice to have a little shop within Target that would sell the luxury brands but that’s a whole other post.

Here’s what I’ve come up with and why I think these should be on the shelves of our mega stores. I tried to keep in mind the price point of the current cosmetics and skincare while compiling this list. Check it out!

Intelligent Nutrients- This brand offers a good variety of products that are formulated without toxins. IN offers body, skin and hair care that are made with certified organic ingredients.  Intelligent Nutrients is on the higher end of the price scale but I think consumers would love them.

100% Pure– I love this natural brand! They offer loads of awesome products including full body care, hair care, lots of color cosmetics.  Their cosmetics are wonderful- good colors, gentle to skin. Vegan, gluten free and they even offer products for kids.

Piggy Paints- Natural  non-toxic nail polish for adults and kids alike! These polishes are odorless, water based and ideal for sensitive skin.

Nine Naturals– Created for pregnant woman, this brand is free of harmful chemicals that we all want to stay away from. These products smell so good and anyone can use them.

Honeybee Gardens– I haven’t tried a lot from this brand but I hear other natural beauty bloggers really like it. Honeybee Gardens is affordable, pure, natural and I happen to use their Deodorant Powder every day. People need to be aware of the toxins that lurk in deodorant and putting this one on the shelves would be a great alternative. This brand also offers color cosmetics that won’t break the bank!

Acure Organics- I’ve tried a lot from this brand and LOVE IT. Acure Organics is the perfect for for Target stores. They have a good range of products, are non-toxic, and affordable. I use the shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion and eye cream several times a week. Pure ingredients.

Naturtint– I just talked about this hair color brand- I love it. More natural than what is currently available on the shelves, less toxic too. I’d love to see a full range of this brand in Target (WalMart, Rite Aid, CVS etc).

CV Cinco Vidas– This is a  brand that’s new to me and a full review is coming soon. This line of non-toxic skincare products is ultra gentle and perfect for sensitive skin. All ages can benefit from the soothing and nuturing products.

Soapwalla-Known for their excellent Deodorant Cream, Soapwalla is a brand that comes out of Brooklyn. Its a small company offering hand made products from natural ingredients. I was trying to find bigger companies to suit Target’s massive demands however, this Deodorant Cream is an excellent alternative to traditional, toxic deodorants and needs to be made readily available right this second. Check out all of the products this brand offers.

Mineral Fusion/Afterglow/ Cowgirl Dirt/ Pur Minerals- these brands offer color cosmetics that I’ve tried and really liked. Cowgirl Dirt is a small brand out of Montana, their products were amazing- the pigments were rich and pretty. I don’t see this brand mentioned a lot and they need to be known! I can see this brand being loved by teen girls. Afterglow offers gluten free makeup, Mineral Fusion has a big line of mineral makeup that is excellent and Pur Minerals is another winning mineral brand. These brands would appeal to a wide variety of consumers looking for non- toxic cosmetics.

Zoya Nail Polish– A full display with all of Zoya’s gorgeous array of colors is needed. This is a more natural nail polish brand that is free from toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP.

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic- Not too many brands are as non-toxic and suited for troubled, sensitive skin as Ava Anderson’s line of products. I would love to see Target stock their shelves with this brand, especially the simple but effective skincare and the line of baby care products that do not contain anything harmful. Ava Anderson offers a small line of cosmetics, which like Cowgirl Dirt above, is a perfect fit for teens.

Which brands would you like to see in your local Target/WalMart/CVS/RiteAid?



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