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Why You Need to Try Ava Anderson



A while back, I ran into a friend who has always suffered from super sensitive skin. She’s highly allergic to nearly everything and couldn’t wear most cosmetics  because of her ultra delicate skin.

We were passing each other in the school parking lot and she rolled down her car window and said, “Have you ever tried Ava Anderson?”

And I was like, “No…who?”

And she said, “Ava Anderson! You have to try it!”

And because the parking lot at school is the seventh circle of hell, we had to keep moving and I didn’t get any more information. I did go home however, and look up Ava Anderson products.

This line of products includes body, skin, hair, face, pet, scent, baby and home, all non- toxic. Ava Anderson is actually a young woman who at age fourteen started looking into the chemicals in personal care products and much like myself and maybe you too, decided there were way too many toxins in products, even those labeled “natural” so she created Ava Anderson Non Toxic. Pretty impressive, young Ava!

If you have allergies to personal care products or house cleaning products, this is a brand you need to try. I especially appreciate the cleaning for the home and look forward to trying them soon.

I tried three products and here are my thoughts.

The Ava Anderson sunscreen spf 30 is very pure, natural and contains nothing toxic. I was a little nervous it would be like cement in texture since the directions are to  knead the tube before using it. This sunscreen melts into skin quickly, protecting against the rays of the sun and leaving skin feeling soft. I’ve been using it every day since I received it and won’t stop any time soon.

I also tried the Ava Anderson fragrance called Joy. I love a nice floral fragrance! This roller ball imparts a lovely scent that is a blend of grapefruit, black currant, and mandarin with floral heart notes of lily of the valley, jasmine, and turkish rose, finished with warm vanilla and amber Musk. The result is a light, highly wearable oil you can apply all day long, as needed, with no irritation. 

Last, the Ava Anderson Eye Makeup remover pads. I like these when I don’t have the time to fully engage in my nightly beauty routine and I want quickly remove stubborn eye makeup. A few swipes and mascara is gone. I have super sensitive eyes and I was happy these didn’t make my eyes red or irritated.

You can go here to look over everything Ava Anderson offers. The company fully discloses all ingredients. Ava Anderson scores very low on the Skin Deep database, receiving the lowest hazard scores a company can possibly get. This is what to use when your family has allergies or when you only want the purest products available. Cruelty free.

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