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Trying out Nail Polishes


I do like a nice painted nail. I keep mine very clean, very short and give myself a few days off if I paint them before painting again. If you use acrylics, do yourself a big favor and skip them. Acrylics can  not only cause infection, the nails can harbor bacteria, and the chemicals used to apply these talons can potentially cause cancer. Plus, they can seriously ruin your natural nail. Leave your nails alone and choose a nice polish instead. 

Recently I tried Vapour Organic beauty nail polish which I loved so much that the bottle is nearly empty. I also tried a dark red from Gabriel Cosmetics which I also liked a lot and even after several days, it still looks good. If you want clean,  green, eco-friendly polish, you cannot get much more natural than Scotch Naturals, also a winner in my book.

I have used this shimmery Kure Bazaar nail polish a few times lately and like the rose-gold look. This brand is eco-friendly, and check this out- they use a formula up that is up to 85% of natural origin based on wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn! I liked the shade I tried, the quick dry and of course the fact that its more natural than most is a huge plus. There are loads of gorgeous color to choose from. I’ll send you to Spirit Beauty Lounge to check it out here.

While this one is not totally natural {please work on your formula and make it more ‘green’!} I have been using Dermelect Nail Polish. This one is peptide infused (a protein that comes from sheep’s wool so vegans- beware) to strengthen nails and has the best consistency, your nails look glossy and dry quickly.

There are many colors to choose from too. These polishes fit my personal criteria which is that nail polish be “three free”  (BP, Toluene & Formaldehyde free) and not tested on animals. Check out this brand here.

While everything else I use from head to toe is natural and non toxic, nail polish is a bit of a gray area for me, as I haven’t had the opportunity to try many “clean, green, non toxic” polishes. Do you have some nail polish favorites I should try?

2 thoughts on “Trying out Nail Polishes

  1. I’m the same as you, since everything else I use is clean, I don’t worry too much about nail polish. Plus, I don’t think there’s such a thing as completely non-toxic nail polish – the ingredients in brands that market themselves as green/clean/natural versus those in regular 3-free polishes aren’t actually very different. For brands, I really like the nail polishes from Mineral Fusion. Also just tried my first Zoya and it was a hit too! 🙂

  2. I agree! Have you tried Scotch Naturals? I think they are the most natural nail polish brand. I would love to try Zoya
    and Mineral Fusion, they have great colors!

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