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Tom’s of Maine


Long ago when I was a little girl in suburban New Jersey, my mom bought the most amazing toothpaste. It was Tom’s of Maine cinnamon and I kept brushing my teeth because it tasted so darn good. A break in the routine that was mint toothpaste. Since then, I’ve bought Tom’s of Maine on and off, still loving that toothpaste!

Tom’s of Maine is an affordable, easy to find brand that offers loads of natural products.

Let’s just address this straightaway, lest you sent me an angry email- YES Tom’s is owned by Colgate-Palmolive — a Fortune 500 company. Its not a small mom and pop shop with people hand mixing products in the barn. Know this, then proceed. I prefer to not get political here; simply put I like Tom’s products and their ingredients are more natural than most. And they are Cruelty Free and Vegan.

Of course I checked Skin Deep to be sure Tom’s was not secretly toxic, remember how cleverly companies disguise their chemicals?  I found this brand rated from zero which the lowest, to a 4 which is lower on the moderate scale.

This company was started in 1970 by Tom Chappell and his wife, Kate, on their farm near Kennebunk, Maine. Since introducing their natural toothpaste, the brand has grown to include floss, mouthwash, deodorant. My die- hard natural, organic beauties will point out the various ingredients that straddle the line of being truly natural, but Tom’s is a good place to start your natural beauty routine.

My favorites are the Long Lasting Aluminum Free deodorant, whitening toothpaste without flouride and sodium laurel sulfates here.  Their Relaxing Soap smells great- I love a nice lavender scent and a soap that will not dry out my skin. I am a big lover of dental floss and cleaning my teeth. I like a floss that is waxy and can slide thru my teeth without breaking or worse- getting caught between my teeth! Tom’s of Maine floss  glides through without a problem.

This brand offers some gems- check them out and as always read labels.




2 thoughts on “Tom’s of Maine

  1. I’ve seen Tom’s of Maine at some of the stores around here but I’ve never tried it myself. It does give off the feel that it’s more natural, but since I heard it was also owned by Colgate, I wasn’t sure whether anything has changed. Maybe it’s ok to give it a try anyways.

  2. I discovered me last year! The oral products are by far the best ever! I use their deodorant from time to time as well and like it a lot!
    Keep it sweet and stylish

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