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The best natural deodorant I have tried so far is this one…


It comes from Honeybee Gardens and I bought it on a whim while placing an order on last week.

First, let me ask you this- do you use conventional deodorants? The ones that contain aluminum? If you aren’t  into all of this natural and non- toxic stuff, you most likely are using one that contains it. (Just an FYI Aluminum has been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease. This heavy metal can travel into the body via the lymph nodes under the arms.)

Don’t feel bad, up until a year or two ago, I was using it too. I switched to using Lavanila or Trader’s Joe’s brand, neither contain aluminum. My gold standard is using one of those two then dusting with a bit of baking soda with lavender or rose essential oil. I keep the baking soda in a shallow pot, sprinkle the oil in, shake it up and apply over my armpits with a large flat brush. 

I liked that routine and it was great- no smell, no wetness, no white stains on my shirts. But it was a teeny tiny hassle and when traveling, I abandoned that routine because I didn’t want to bring extra items. Like a pan of baking soda, a brush, a tube of regular deodorant.

So I ordered this Honeybee Gardens deodorant powder and when it arrived, I put it to the test. I had a rather rigorous day yesterday. Here’s how it went down:

Got showered and ready, applied this nifty deodorant by shaking it into hands, rubbing hands together then applying to pits. Wash hands (obviously).

Went to lunch in extreme heat. Ate salsa. Sweat a little. Also, it was hot in the car.

Trip to Costco. Lot of anxiety because there are loads of people and its too much stimulation for my sense. Broke out in anxiety related sweat.

Drive home in air conditioned car.

Take out heavy groceries which included a bag of dog bones that were about ten pounds each.  Walked to the front door because our garage is too cluttered to park  inside. It was hot, I was sweating.

Put stuff away, dealt with kids fighting, sweat a little more.

Hid out watching Orange is the New Black on my ipad in my room. Took a nap. Woke up sweaty thanks to a heavy blanket and a hot dog curled up next to me.

Later, took the dog for a walk and did twenty minutes of yoga.

And guess what? NO SWEAT! No Smell!

Today I cleaned all day and nothing! No sweat, smell, wetness. I love it.  The powder itself is very simple and smells nice.

Its a winner! I highly recommend this and will be ordering it again. 




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  1. Im going to have to try this one! I have used Honeybee gardens make-up which I love…I currently make my own deodorant, but it has been irritating my underarms lately and i still get some wetness…so looking forward to trying this one thanks =)

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