Smell {really} good without chemicals or toxins


When I learned about all the chemicals in a typical bottle of perfume, I never wanted to use perfumes or colognes again. I have loads of bottles that I will never touch thanks to the many toxins that go into making fragrance. I had no idea. As I mentioned before, companies do not have to disclose what goes into a perfume because its considered a ‘trade secret.’

I am on the search for non-toxic fragrances so if you know of any, shoot me an email or leave a comment!

I set out to find products that smelled really good but were natural. My goal in everything I review is to seek out natural and cruelty free items. The perfumes are out there but you do have to look around a bit and read your labels. I want to tell you about two brands that offer lovely, clean, eco-friendly scents. Here we go.

First my beloved Osmia Organics. This brand is so amazing, I love everything I’ve tried. Somehow, the clean fresh scent of mountain air is captured in these fragrances. Every single one makes me think “clean” and “air.” These are for the girls who don’t want to smell like perfume, you know the sweet scent of many fragrances? I detect pine needles and smoky autumn air in these scents. Go here for more. Everything from Osmia Organics is non toxic, not tested on animals, natural, lovely, amazing…try the Body Oil from Osmia Organics as a base to the scents. My favorite is Sunset!

Next is Strange Invisible Perfumes which makes perfumes in addition to body lotions and washes. I tried the Body Lotions and Washes which are made with purified water and organic ingredients, the products are non-toxic, vegan and not tested on animals.

I like these for their neat scent combinations and subtle fragrances. Sage & Rose, Bergamot, Lemon & Neroli- the scents are a delicious blend and are light, not overwhelming. I’m such a fan of the products I tried, I’m ready to try their unique perfumes!  Find more here.

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  1. I feel the same way about perfumes! I am still hesitant to get rid of the ones I have just because I need to take baby steps!! But I have moved away from them most days and only use them on the weekends and try to only get it on clothes and not directly on my skin. Again for me it is all about baby steps! During the week I use vanilla oil! I got mine from whole foods and it is certified organic. The also have little perfume ball roller bottles so that application can be made easy. I love the scent of vanilla oil, but they have loads of other options too!
    Keep it sweet and stylish!

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