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Review: Amala



I recently tried two products from Amala and they were so luxurious and lovely, I have to share my thoughts! The name Amala, in Sanskrit means “most pure.” In Tibetan, “revered mother.” In Spanish, “love her.” How very fitting for such beautiful products!

I tried the Detoxifying Body Polish which is a gentle foaming exfoliating product that leaves skin looking brighter and feeling softer. I just used a washcloth but I think it would work nicely on a loofah or natural sea sponge. This product contains Myrtle which cleanses and conditions skin while helping to remove impurities.  Olive Stone removes dead skin cells and helps stimulate circulation and Sea Salt which helps soften and detoxify dry skin.

The Detoxifying Body Oil is ideal for follow up after the polish. This smells really really good and I love applying it because it puts me in an instant state of relaxation! This oil is made from Myrtle as well as Fig which deeply hydrates to help skin retain its natural moisture and Sea Algae, an ingredient that helps tone and smooth skin. Sometimes throughout the day I will just apply a little here and there so I can smell it for a little aromatherapy.

Together these would make a lovely gift or a treat for yourself! There is a Detoxifying Body Butter which I imagine skin would just drink right up and make your body feel soft and supple. Amala offers many gorgeous products that all seem like they would put you in a state of nirvana!

Amala uses ingredients that come from nature- 100% plant origin.  They are never tested on animals and do not contain harmful ingredients or toxins.

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