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Let’s start your teen off with safe, non toxic makeup & skincare



I’ve noticed a big gap in the cosmetics market where teen girls are concerned. There’s very little out there specifically for this demographic.

Those of you with teen girls will want to start them off in their exploration of skincare and makeup by using NON TOXIC products. When I began wearing makeup (a long time ago), we simply didn’t know anything about ingredients and used very toxic products.

Now we know better. I don’t want any toxins and chemicals seeping into my daughter’s skin if I can help it.  I don’t want toxins and chemicals on your daughter’s skin either. The brands below come highly recommended, are gentle, non toxic and very safe.

Along with the right makeup and skincare is teaching teens how to eat- healthy! I don’t care what dermatologists say, what you eat is directly related to skin as well as your mood and overall health. Focusing on healthy eating is a must. Sugary foods, sodas, junk food directly correspond to acne as well as energy level.

Most teens and preteens are dying to wear cosmetics. I know I was! Back in the olden days, my mom made sure I knew all about cleaning my face and that routine was introduced long before I was allowed to wear makeup. First, help your teen establish a good skincare routine. Next, teach her to start with a clean face then use non toxic,  green makeup. Then set her up with some of the products from below!

Here are a few brands that are clean, green and perfect for teens. 


Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty

 These  non toxic products are really pretty and gentle. There’s a cleanser, moisturizer, face powder, lipstick in a gorgeous pink color and a facial highlighter.

These products are cruelty free, vegan and they work! I tried everything and liked it all but the standouts were the great lipstick- not too dark or bright, and the really creamy cleanser. Go here for the line!


Ava Anderson Non Toxic

Started by Ava when she was only fourteen, this is the most non-toxic line of products you will find on the market. Ideal for your teen! A small but solid set of makeup includes a mascara, lipgloss, foundation powder and blush. The colors are light and pretty, the mascara is great because its adds darkness to lashes but doesn’t make them thick or goopy. You could buy the entire line for your teen and she’s all set.

There’s also  skincare which includes cleanser, exfoliator, toner and moisturizer (there are various kits available). These have a light citrus scent and are good for sensitive teenage skin. Also great for moms and teens alike is the sunscreen. Most sun damage is done before adulthood so I’m trying to encourage my own daughter to apply sunscreen daily. Be sure to get your girl started on a non toxic deodorant too!  Click here for more on this brand. *disclaimer* I sell these products because I believe in their non toxic beauty and skincare and have my own daughter using them! 


100% Pure

I have long been a fan of this line for many reasons. They have a lot of products to choose from, they have skincare and makeup and this brand is always adding new products to their line.  Their makeup colors come from fruit- such as their Fruit Pigmented Mascara and fruit and vegetable pigmented lip glosses.

There is so much to choose from within this line of products! I would narrow it down a bit to a simple cleanser, exfoliator, toner and the bare minimum of makeup- mascara, powder, lip gloss and blush.  You can go here for more.


Cowgirl Dirt

This is a really fun line of makeup and ideal for teens thanks to their fun vibe and pigmented colors. I’ve tried a couple of products and really liked them. I reviewed this line recently and loved everything, especially the lip gloss and eye shadow.  They offer quite a bit of makeup and its all non toxic, natural and organic.

I didn’t see a cleanser but they do have serum for the face and an eye makeup remover.  Whats really  nice is that you can order samples. Check it out!

Remember to teach your teen about using non- toxic deodorant (aluminum contributes to Alzheimers and cancer), hand santizer without triclosan,  toothpaste without SLS, hair products without chemicals and nail polish that is 3 or 5 free.  A mother’s  (or father’s) job is never done.


4 thoughts on “Let’s start your teen off with safe, non toxic makeup & skincare

  1. Thank your for the post from 8/23/13! It is just what I needed to get my daughter started on a healthy, non-toxic skin care regimen. I would like to purchase the Ava Anderson skin care line, but when I tried to do so online it said I needed a consultant number. Can you help me with that?

  2. You might be interested in where we sell all natural and organic Makeup, Skin Care, Safer Nail Polishes (water based and 5-free), Cloth Pads, Perfumes, Hair Care, Body Care and more from a variety of safe brands. Samples are available on most items and no consultant numbers needed as we are not an MLM.

  3. Honeybee Gardens is great because they are very affordable while still being effective. And let’s not forget about proper skincare, Acure Organics is a good brand to try as well as Soapwalla. I also reccomend DIYing some products as younger skin doesn’t need to treat aging, which many are marketed for. Products should mostly be to keep their skin healthy, nourished, and help with acne.

  4. I love your suggested products! Now, if they just made them affordable for the average teenager! I don’t even spend that much on my natural face care!

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