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I’m Working With Ava Anderson and Here’s Why…


In case you don’t know or haven’t heard of the brand, Ava Anderson is a company who makes non-toxic  products. Everything from this company is rated very low- the lowest- on the Skin Deep ratings.  The products are also proven to work! People love them.  I use their sunscreen and other products and highly recommend them. These are also perfect for people with really sensitive skin.

Ava Anderson’s products include chemical free beauty products, skincare, bug spray, baby care and house hold cleaning products.  The company is focused on educating consumers on the topic of avoiding chemicals and living an eco-friendly, clean lifestyle. This totally jives with my own goal of helping people learn about cancer causing chemicals that are in most products we use on a day to day basis.  I really didn’t know until pretty recently about the dangerous ingredients in so many of our beauty products, nevermind the things we use to clean our homes.

I signed up to sell Ava Anderson products but don’t worry, I’m not inviting you to parties or texting and calling you regarding these products.  If you want to buy them, I’m happy to process your request. Since I don’t use the affiliate links that many bloggers use to generate an income, I am going at it differently by making myself available if you want to purchase non toxic products.

If you sign up to be a consultant, you receive a ton of products to try yourself. So the membership actually pays for itself. Think about it this way- you buy your kit for a relatively low price, then get double that in product. NON TOXIC, CLEAN and ECO FRIENDLY products! The cost of which is less than going to the store and replacing my bleach and ammonia and various other toxic cleaners.

Want more information? Just go here. 

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