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How to spend $100 on beauty products

If I have an extra one hundred dollars– which doesn’t happen often- I will spend it on clothes, shoes or makeup. Lately, its been all about natural beauty products.  Even if I have zero dollars to spend, I still like virtual window shopping. I spend lot of time on, VitaCost and SpiritBeautyLounge. I buy vitamins and all kinds of other healthy stuff over at iherb and VitaCost so today we are doing some virtual shopping over at Spirit Beauty Lounge.

Let’s see what $100 can get us! I am choosing products that I’ve never tried. Have you used any of these?

I’ve grouped products together so they tally up to about one hundred bucks. And of course they are natural and non toxic. I love the fact that Spirit Beauty Lounge sells only non-toxic products. That’s why I shop there!



I’ve been wanting to try W3LL People Narcissist foundation forever! Same for the Kjaer Weis mascara (I’ve heard many raves about it) and Ilia Lip gloss (natural beauty lovers can’t get enough of Ilia).  


Next up is the perfume that comes from Honores Des Pres. There are several scents I want to try from this brand but I’m very intrigued by the Carrot fragrance. One hundred dollars buys a bottle. Thats a lot of money to spend on one product  but this fragrance brand is rated highly.  




I’m also awfully curious about Manuka honey. Have you tried it? I know raw honey is nature’s salve, you can use it on your hair, skin, on acne…it has so many awesome uses. Again, W3ll People, this time the lip gloss-balm-lipstick hybrid. And I have’t tried many natural eye shadows or liners and this one from Alima has my curiosity piqued- it looks so dark and smooth. I’ve tried Yarok’s Feed Your Ends and I want to see how Feed Your Roots works.  I’m from New Jersey so big hair is in my DNA.





And the last group of beauty products! I am dying- dying!- to try these. RMS Beauty eye shadow in that lovely bronze shade, a neutral Sheswai color for nails. I don’t know a lot about the brand PATYKA but the body cream just sounds extremely luxurious. And the last item is RMS Beauty Coconut Cream which has about twenty different uses making it very practical.

If you  had one hundred dollars to spend on beauty products at Spirit Beauty Lounge, how would you spend it?








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  1. Great choices:) I do a lot of online window shopping too. Also, Yarok’s Feed Your Roots is my favorite hair product ever, you should definitely try it!

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