DANGER: The Worst Kids Foods



If you have small  kids, you might gravitate towards things like cereal and milk for breakfast, maybe a waffle. Lunch might be chicken nuggets or mac and cheese. Snacks are probably something like yogurt or granola bars. Maybe the pre-made peanut butter and crackers.

These are very convenient foods, super easy to throw together but oh, so bad for you. And the typical American diet consists of them..

Now that its back to school time, I’ve been looking for foods to pack in lunches or simple breakfasts to make in a hurry. This led me to various lists of the WORST KIDS FOODS you can feed your children. I’m sure you have witnessed friends and family feeding children these.  My own teenagers want to eat like this and can’t understand why I won’t let them have junk food. Or they understand but still want it. And I’m a bad mom for saying no….so they think.

I present to you, the worst foods you can feed your kids and reasons why they are so bad….

Frozen Waffles:  no nutritional content and empty calories, high in sugar

Colorful kids yogurts: dairy is not healthy and adding sugar and food coloring makes these a big no-no

Sugary cereals: tons of sugar and food coloring make these a poor choice for kids

Ketchup: loaded with high fructose corn syrup or sugar

Macaroni and Cheese: high in sodium, low in nutrition not to mention heavily processed

Chicken Nuggets: deep fried, processed, greasy, high in fat, low in nutrients

Hot Dogs: high in sodium, fat and contains cancer causing nitrates

Soda: just as bad for your teeth as meth! Not to mention loads of sugar

Granola bars: usually these contain lots of sugar and additional things like chocolate chips, marshmallows, high fructose corn syrup

Commercial Peanut Butter: I am a huge peanut butter fan and I love all natural organic peanut butter. The kind you buy in the grocery store is loaded with hydrogenated oils and lots of sugar!

Deli Meats: these contain fats, sodium and nitrates much like hot dogs

Veggie Chips and Potato Chips: both are filled with salt and have been processed and full of fat

Milk/Dairy Products: Dairy products are packed with fat and cholesterol (not to mention bio-engineered hormones, antibiotics and pesticides) and can contribute to allergies and diseases like cancer, diabetes, kidney stones and more. Did you know that animal protein found in milk actually depletes the human body of calcium? A  better source of calcium can be found in dark leafy vegetables. (find more info here)

Apple Sauce: seems like a good choice, right? But apple sauce contains high amounts of sugar and artificial color.

 I could go on and on with foods found in the grocery store that you should stay away from! We could be here all day talking about obesity and reasons why children have issues with depression, anxiety, ADHD and more.

Do you feed your kids these ‘kid foods’ that are not so high in nutrients? Will you try to revamp your pantry to include whole grains and plant based foods?








2 thoughts on “DANGER: The Worst Kids Foods

  1. Hi! I feel the same way.. But I find it kinda hard to make a super healthy lunchbox that would come home empty, you know? What do you put in your kids lunchboxes, would love to have an insight on that 🙂 i love reading your blog!!

  2. I know, packing school lunches are so hard! Ill do a post when I can find some good ideas. For now its really simple things, usually from Trader Joes. Then a healthy snack and dinner when they are home. xoxo

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