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CindyReads: What are you reading?


For a while every book I picked up was SO GOOD. The Girl You Left Behind, The Orphan Train, A Hundred Summers, Astor Place Vintage,  The Time Between…all such great books.

Then I seemed to have hit a lull where every novel I tried to read just didn’t resonate with me. I’d start to read one only to pick up my phone and check Twitter…Instagram…my Goodreads page…Amazon…my email.

Don’t you hate that?

Then I downloaded Kaylee’s Ghosts by Rochelle Jewel Shapiro and loved it!  The spell was broken.

Here’s what Goodreads says: Grandmother Miriam, thrilled that her granddaughter, Violet, seems to be psychic, wants nothing more than the chance to mentor her way her own Russian grandmother, Bubbie, had done with her. But Cara, Miriam’s daughter, a modern businesswoman who remembers all too well the downside of living with her psychic mother, digs in her heels. As things become more fractious in the family, Violet, a brilliant and sensitive child, is torn between her mother and grandmother, until Miriam’s gift back fires, bringing terrible danger to those she loves. Can Miriam put things right in time, or is it already too late? A mesmerizing story about life here on Earth and after we’ve passed on, Kaylee’s Ghost is also a domestic drama spanning five generations, a tale about forgiveness, letting go and discovering who we are meant to be, no matter how unusual.

I also finished reading Karen White’s novel The Strangers on Montagu Street which was another winner. Also about a psychic. Is there a trend here?

From Goodreads: Psychic realtor Melanie Middleton is still restoring her Charleston house and doesn’t expect to have a new houseguest, a teen girl named Nola. But the girl didn’t come alone, and the spirits that accompanied Nola don’t seem willing to leave..

Up next I have The Bookstore- isn’t the description intriguin? A witty, sharply observed debut novel about a young woman who finds unexpected salvation while working in a quirky used bookstore in Manhattan. 

And Sisterland– From an early age, Kate and her identical twin sister, Violet, knew that they were unlike everyone else. Kate and Vi were born with peculiar “senses”—innate psychic abilities concerning future events and other people’s secrets. Though Vi embraced her visions, Kate did her best to hide them. Now, years later, their different paths have led them both back to their hometown of St. Louis. Vi has pursued an eccentric career as a psychic medium, while Kate, a devoted wife and mother, has settled down in the suburbs to raise her two young children. But when a minor earthquake hits in the middle of the night, the normal life Kate has always wished for begins to shift. After Vi goes on television to share a premonition that another, more devastating earthquake will soon hit the St. Louis area, Kate is mortified. Equally troubling, however, is her fear that Vi may be right. As the date of the predicted earthquake quickly approaches, Kate is forced to reconcile her fraught relationship with her sister and to face truths about herself she’s long tried to deny.

And because of all the work I’m doing trying to learn about toxins and chemicals in the beauty products people use, I have to read Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry by Stacy Malkan  which delves into this very topic.

I downloaded two books onto my kindle- The Pecan Man and When I Found You. I also have a couple of library books to read. My day isnt complete without a good book in my hands.

What are you reading?

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