Not new but new to me: Soapwalla, Intelligent Nutrients and Nine Naturals


If you are a natural beauty lover or new to non toxic products, here are a few brands that I have quickly fallen in love with. I tried all of these and liked them all so much that I want to share them with you.  Now that I know how well natural products work, without anything cancer causing, I want to shout it from the rooftops! I’ll have to settle for Twitter and Facebook.


SOAPWALLA has what I’ve heard is the best natural deodorant. Their’s is consistently rated highly. Its on my MUST TRY List along with everything else this natural  brand makes! I just tried the lovely Essential Facial Toning Mist which is extremely amazing. It’s a combination of Rose and Geranium and I love the clean scent not to mention the gorgeous blue bottle its housed in.

This soothes and refreshes skin, excellent for your complexion. I’ll be honest- I spray this all over. I love the scent, and the fact its vegan and Soapwalla only uses only high quality ingredients so you know you are getting real botanicals. This is made from pure aloe vera gel, cucumber, Vitamins B & C,among other natural goodies.

You really need to read the story of Rachel, the creator of this great company. I love how she calls her products cosmetic culinary creations! Id have to agree.

intellINTELLIGENT NUTRIENTS offers vegan, gluten free products that are made from organic ingredients. This brand does not use any of the harmful toxic stuff we want to stay away from and they offer a ton of products. I tried a few things from this brand and I liked them a lot! My favorites include:

The Plant Stem Cell Science Renewal Complex Eye Gel which depuffs my eyes and smoothes fine lines. I used this every day when I was on vacation. I woke up with puffy eyes and immediately applied this. Its gentle, which is good for a product that goes on the eye area.

The Certified Organic Anti-Aging Serum is light and nearly weightless. It feeds nutrients to your face and plumps skin, makes it brighter and more radiant. I love this too. It absorbs quickly in the skin.  The Take Comfort Body Elixir contains lavender, vitalizing carrot seed oil, regenerative sweet orange and balancing geranium to create a calming, healing and therapeutic blend. I spray this throughout the day for a ‘pick me up’ or when I want to smell something soothing. Its so perfect to liberally spray this before bed, the blend is like a massage in a bottle!

The Pure Luxe conditioner is the antidote to dry hair (like mine!). If you are a curly or wavy haired girl, you might know to stay away from silicones in your hair care- this one is silicone free. It softens and moisturizes the hair and can also be used on the entire body. Which is good to know! It smells amazing. I was using it on my body before I know that was an option.

The Hair Shine is the final step in my hair care routine. This very light weight spray tames frizz, keeps flyaways from ruining a good hair day, it keeps hair looking healthy and nourishes hair all day long. Go here for more!


Nine Naturals is a brand I wish I had known about when I was pregnant. Many years ago. Back then, there was not a lot of information about chemicals in beauty products. I had no idea. This brand is 100% natural and is very nurturing with lovely ingredients.

Although Nine Naturals is created for pregnant mothers, anyone can use it! The products smell absolutely delicious. I keep the Vanilla and Geranium Belly Butter next to my bed, not for a growing belly but for my dry hands! The smell is purely intoxicating. Its made with broccoli seed oil, shea butter and cupuaçu butter but is not greasy, just ultra hydrating.

The Shampoo and Conditioner is not specifically geared towards dry hair like mine but it moisturizes and nourishes my hair perfectly without weighing it down. The Body Wash smells great too (all the products do) and is light and gentle.

I cannot recommended these very nurturing products enough for anyone, pregnant or not. The travel set makes a great kit to take with you or to give as a gift! Take a look here for more Nine Naturals.

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