My Evening Skincare Routine


I was super excited today to be on No More Dirty Looks where my morning skincare routine was exposed! All the details are there and you can read it here. 

I wanted to share the nitty gritty of my night time routine now. I love the ritual of cleansing and getting ready for bed. I like freshly shaved legs, soft sheets and a good book to end my day.

Starting my routine is a yoga workout. I love doing yoga and have found some great YouTube videos (I like Yogea, among others). I also downloaded a terrific yoga app for my ipad you can find here. You can choose 15 minute, 30 or 60  minute work outs for all levels. No matter what I can usually do fifteen minutes. Its my evening wind-down!

Then it’s time to get down to business. I pull my hair back, get out either my Zen Society makeup remover or my Nyl Skincare makeup remover and take off my eye makeup. Sometimes I use coconut oil.  I was using an all-in-one cleanser that removed eye makeup and face makeup but it wasn’t organic or non-toxic so I stopped using it.

If I have the time, I use May Lindstrom’s The Clean Dirt. It is quite expensive, I’m not going to lie. But I love how luxurious it is and it smells heavenly- like spices. You can add water to this gentle grainy scrub or use coconut oil and make a paste which is what I like to do. I apply it before the shower, usually while the water is heating up. And yes, I take two showers a day unless I’m just going to be home all day then I skip the morning one. But  nine times out of ten, I need the shower in the morning to wake up, have quiet time and get ready for my day which includes three dogs and two  kids.

In the shower, I use a cloth to remove The Clean Dirt. I like Acure Organics gentle cleanser to remove anything that’s left behind. Whenever I take my mascara off, I gently press the warm cloth into my lashes, I never rub or scrub. I don’t want my lashes falling out!

Sometimes I use my Clarisonic, sometimes a Konjac sponge (more on this soon). For the body, I like Lavanila Body Wash or once again, Osmia Organics Rose Soap.  There’s also an Acure Body Wash in my shower and I will use too.

Out of the shower, I will apply a body oil (BodyTonic, Osmia Organics, Skin & Bones, Amala) or plain coconut oil. I cannot get enough of oils. I use one on my face too- Annmarie Gianni’s oil for Oily or Acne prone skin if my skin is acting up, or Lina Hanson’s Global Face Serum. I use a small amount, on certain areas of my face I dab on Fei’d which is a non toxic cream for dark spots and discoloration. I may also use Trilogy Rosehip Seed Oil, and/or Intelligent Nutrients Serum. I have an eye cream from Acure Organics or I use the Eye Serum from Intelligent Nutrients.

Then I use my Bee Naturals Whitening Mouth Rise and I floss and use my Toms of Maine or Kiss My Face toothpaste. I like toothpastes that do  not include sodium laurel sulfates because I feel its too harsh on my sensitive gums.  When I get in bed I use the Nine Naturals Belly Butter (made from pregnant women) on my hands. The smell is heavenly! My Zen Society lip balm is sitting on my nightstand and I must add moisture to my lips. I normally read for an hour or two every night. I love to read.

There you have it, my night time routine. It varies a little bit if I am trying a new product out but these are probably my current favorites. What is your night time routine? Please don’t say you sleep in your makeup!




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