I Didn’t Have Much Room So Here’s What I Packed


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As you might know, I recently went on vacation which required some judicious packing because I want to take everything. Packing for a cruise will be another post, this one is all about the hair, skin and body products I had to tuck into a gallon size zip locked bag.

I try to be really good about packing light- hahahaha! Easier said than done because I want to bring all of my natural, non toxic lotions and potions. I even went to the store to find coconut oil in a plastic tub which felt like it weighed three pounds.  I ended up scooping it out into a one cup sized plastic container which I wrapped in a plastic bag then another plastic bag and it still managed to totally melt– but not leak.

Here’s what I brought with me:

Nine Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner: I had only read about this brand and was excited to try the products. I had some samples so I brought them along.  These were lovely- smelled great, rinsed completely and left my hair soft. And no nasty chemicals! More on this brand soon.

(not pictured) Acure Organics Dry Shampoo: Naturally I had to bring Acure, full sizes. I love dry shampoo, especially this one that absorbs oil. I sprinkle it in my hands and rub through my hair concentrating on my scalp. Oil, grease- gone. 

(not pictured) Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner samples: Funny story- I had samples of these in those small packets that you rip open, except as I was standing in the shower, I could not open them. My hands were wet and I managed to open the shampoo sample with my TEETH but couldn’t for the life of me open the conditioner. I was growing so mad as I stood in the shower- I didn’t have anything sharp to open this with and kept trying to rip, tear etc with my teeth. I even eyed my razor! I was like a savage beast clawing this little foil packet! Finally it opened. And yes, I liked it. But I was exhausted.

Nyl Skincare Velvet Transformative Serum: I love this natural brand and was grateful for the travel sizes I had. The serum is light and quickly absorbs and I used it daily along with the FaceWash.

Marie Veronique Everyday Sheer Coverage : Going to Alaska, I knew I wouldn’t get a lot of sun but I like my skin to be protected plus this can be worn alone or as a makeup primer. Ideal for when I didn’t need full coverage makeup but wanted sun protection and a wash of color.

Klorane Makeup Wipes: These are not “green” and “pure” but they score really  low on Skin Deep and are ideal for travel and for eye makeup removal. They don’t  bother my eyes and do an excellent job of removing all traces of makeup.

Intelligent Nutrients Eye Gel: The slender shape of this product was ideal to pack in my bag. Plus, this stuff works really well especially first thing in the morning when eyes are puffy.

Acure Organics Leave-in Conditioner: I want to nurture my hair and this adds softness and moisture which my color treated hair needs so badly! I skipped any other styling product and used this.

Coconut Oil: I won’t leave home without it! This is ideal to help remove makeup, use as a body moisturizer, toothpaste, face moisturizer, foot cream, nail cream, its good for after you shave…its so multi-purpose that I really only needed this. But I had to bring more than one item, naturally.

Suzanne Somers Organics- Body Wash: Did you know Suzanne Somers even had a line of products out? This smells super good, citrusy and clean, and its natural and non toxic. I had a travel size of it and it lasted all week. Thanks Suzanne!

Dr. Woods Pure Black Soap with Shea Butter: You can use this on your face and body. Its natural, easy to find (I ordered this from and inexpensive. I use it all over from head to toe.

I have a bunch of travel containers that I pour various products into, then put everything into gallon sized ziplock baggies that I label HAIR, SKIN, BODY and one for TEETH because I want to be super organized and not forget anything! I also have a small travel blow dryer I bring with me and a small ziplock baggie of nail polish remover wipes, nail files, clippers and a bottle of polish because I will always chip a nail and it will drive me crazy.

Stay tuned for my upcoming post about packing MAKEUP (natural of course)  and packing for a cruise!  





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