First Impressions: Tammy Fender & Rahua

Sometimes I receive full size products to try which is amazing and I am always super grateful. Sometimes I get samples which is always a nice opportunity to try products and Im super grateful. Either way I am happy to have the chance to try new natural products especially when they are as amazing as these.

I recently tried Tammy Fender and Rahua. Here are my impressions of them. And yes,  I want the full sizes now.


Tammy Fender has great approach to skincare which incorporates holistic, pure formulas that use organics and botanicals.

I tried the Tammy Fender Antioxidant Crème, which contains a botanical-derived butters that act as a natural SPF. “Developed with the key ingredients of Neroli and Orange, this highly effective formula works as a potent day or night cream, balancing your complexion and delivering essential vitamins to nourish and strengthen skin.”

My first impression was, “WOW my skin smells really good and looks brighter!” It did everything I want a creme to do- sink into my skin, leaving it soft and it worked well under makeup. Would I use this again? Without hesitation.

Next up was the Tammy Fender Roman Chamomile Tonic, “even the most sensitive, irritated skin is relieved and hydrated. Derived from an ancient healing remedy for dry skin, this curative formula helps shorten the healing time of sunburn and other blemishes, in addition to minimizing the appearance of scars.” Because I had enough for about four days, I didn’t see a huge difference in my skin BUT I liked everything about this tonic, much like the creme, it smelled great and melted into my skin after my shower. Find out more about Tammy Fender here.conditionertravel_sm


Moving on to Rahua, a natural brand I’ve seen mentioned countless times in various publications. I took samples with me on vacation and after my foil packet fiasco (where I couldn’t open it with  my wet hands in the shower…or my teeth) I was most excited to use my larger samples with tops! That easily twisted off!

The products are vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, sulfate free and contain organics. This is my dream line. The Shampoo which contains quinoa, coconut and shea butter,  does a great job of cleaning hair and adding bounce and shine. It didnt weigh my fine hair down.

The Conditioner can be used to condition hair and be used as a styling cream.  It didnt leave my hair flat or leave residue behind. It is made with a blend of Green tea leaf extract, Aloe Barbadensis and smells amazingly good. I like this a lot too.

Would I try Rahua again? DEFINITELY. I have my eye on the Voluminous Spray. Check it out here.

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