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Here’s a brand that is new to me. I stumbled up on it while looking for natural, non-toxic makeup and skincare. I received a bunch of samples of this brand and I really liked everything.

Actually, I was pretty impressed. 

Cowgirl Dirt is a family  business operated out of Montana. {sidenote: I’d like to travel around the USA meeting these small companies that make awesome products. We have Osmia Organics in Colorado, Marble + Milkweed on the Lower East Side of NYC,  Soapwalla in Brooklyn and now Montana with Cowgirl Dirt} But I digress!

Cowgirl Dirt is made with organic ingredients plus they contain vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants! I’m so happy to share this brand with you.

I tried the above products (in the photo) and like I said, I loved them. I love the rich pigmented color of the blush, and the smooth texture of the eye shadow. My favorites, if I had to choose two, were the concealer and the lip gloss. The concealer was just the right consistency to adhere to the eye area and not disappear mid-day. The lip colors- Seattle Slew and was really smooth with a nice color to it, the Cowgirl Pucker gloss was a fantastic color with high shine. I mixed the two together for my perfect pink shade.

I thought the Mineral Power did a great job of coverage and keeping my oily skin looking shine-free. When I find a small business that puts out a quality product, you’d better believe I’m going to do my best to share with every person I know.

I’m so happy to have discovered this brand. I have my page open and my shopping cart ready to buy some full sizes!

Check them out here: Cowgirl Dirt.


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