cindyreads: One Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams


I was really sad when I finished Astor Place Vintage. I thought I’d experience a post-novel letdown; when you read a really great book then think surely there isn’t another novel that you can get into like the one you just finished. But from page one, I was completely taken with A Hundred Summers by  Beatriz Williams.  I HAD TO FIND OUT what happened at the end and I did something I rarely do, I got up early, read first thing in the morning until the book was done.

The year is 1938 and Lily Dane has returned to her summer beach home in  Seaview, Rhode Island with her mother, aunt and little sister. She expects a normal quiet summer at this beach community but everything is thrown up in the air when Nick and Budgie Greenwald arrive. Budgie and Lily are childhood friends and Nick is Lily’s ex-fincee. It is very uncomfortable for Lily to see her old love and her former best friend together.

The book alternates  between 1938 (present), and 1931 (past), leading up to the break up of Lily and Nick. How could two people so in love and hopeful for their future together, split up? It kept me wondering and turning pages.

Egocentric Budgie begins to wedge herself into Lily’s life and tries to set Lily up with her former boyfriend from college,  a handsome Yankees pitcher named Graham Pendleton. But the attraction that Lily still feels for Nick is too strong to be denied. As Nick and Lily rekindle their friendship, Lily starts to discover some shocking truth about her best friend and starts to understand things are not- and have never been- what they seem.

I was reading at such a fast pace to finish this book. I thought it was excellent- gripping and well written and there’s a lovely quality to the authors words that I liked. I highly recommend this novel for your summer reading!

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