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Review: Osmia Organics


I was going to wait to post my review of Osmia Organics. I try to post reviews as the products come in and I test them slowly and carefully and give them enough time to work or enough time for me to form a clear and true impression. But I was so excited about these products, I had to share my thoughts with you!

Osmia Organics comes to us from Colorado where Dr. Sarah Villafranco began making soaps  which turned into creating pure and organic body and skincare products. She may have left the medical field but she’s certainly helping and healing through her creation of these beautiful and natural products.

I can’t stop raving about the Black Clay Facial Soap. It’s been years since I have taken a bar of soap to my face! But I knew this one was unlike the drying and harsh bar soaps you find at the drugstore. The description: Black Australian clay and dead sea mud balance and tone the skin, while organic almond, avocado, and castor bean oils condition.  Coconut milk helps make the beautiful, white lather.

And this soap is miraculous. My skin is glowing, smooth and  visibly improved- and it was not in bad shape before.  I love this soap. Or maybe the glowing radiance  is due to using the Facial Calibration Serum.

This serum  is made from Olive squalane, kukui oil, and macadamia oil nourish the skin, and calming schisandra fruit extract soothes irritation.  Super powered acai delivers an antioxidant boost, and organic black seed oil brings a vitamin and mineral infusion.

My skin tends to be combination, oily yet normal and aging, and this serum nourishes without making my face oily and slippery. You don’t need much, one drop smoothed over the whole face will do the trick. I think this serum with the Black Clay Soap is the perfect combination!

Let’s talk about the Milky Rose soap. I refuse to use harsh bar soaps and have been looking for some natural soaps and this one is ideal. It’s gentle and has a very light scent, perfect for my sensitive skin. It cleans and moisturizes nicely and can be paired with the Flower Body Oil for a nourishing treat for skin. Apply this oil directly to wet skin- I have mine sitting right outside the shower door. It’s made with organic rose geranium and Bulgarian zdravets and carries a wonderful scent that is not too over powering. My skin is velvet smooth and soft after application. It’s heavenly.

Last but not least is the Luster Lip repair. This is colored naturally (you won’t find that everwhere!) with  beet root and alkanet root. This lip repair is so smooth and nourishing on the lips, it also offers a lovely berry color and shine. I am obsessed with lip products and after tossing out literally hundreds of toxin filled lipsticks and glosses, I have very few products for my lips so this one is already in heavy rotation!

I cannot say enough about this line of products. I love what I tested and had I not started out on this path of seeking out natural, organic beauty products I’d have never known about Osmia Organics. Please check out the beautiful and informative website here. After spending lots of time on the Osmia site, reading about Sarah and trying the products, I feel like I want to travel out to Colorado and visit Sarah and see firsthand how everything is made, I’m that inspired! Plus, did I mention how clear my skin looks?

**You will want to read this, where Sarah explains natural/organic/chemicals in products.

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