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Review: Marie Veronique Organics



We’ve been talking a lot about chemicals in beauty products and I am grateful that there are products available that are organic and toxin free such as Marie Veronique Organics!

I tested a couple of products and liked them so much that I have discovered I flat out NEED to add one to my daily skincare routine. All products I tested were above and beyond what I expected and I can definitely recommend MV Organics to you.

Lets check out what I tried:

The CLEANSER is very mild and lightly exfoliates. It’s kind of the color of light mud- but I like it, especially the clean herbal scent. I feel like its really working to remove dirt and oil from my skin with a non gritty exfoliant. My face is glowing after I’m done washing it.

The ANTI-AGING MIST is used following the cleanser for a nourishing burst of anti-aging ingredients. I liberally spray on my face and chest.  This has delicious ingredients including Black elderberry extract  and Licorice extract and more.

The FACE OIL is a super star! I’m really into oils, I feel like an oil is the best of a serum and lotion colliding. If the oil is really good, like this one, it will absorb into the skin and not be sticky or greasy. Sometimes I will skip an eye cream altogether because the oil improves all fine lines and wrinkles, plus gives such an infusion of nutrients, anything additional is not necessary.  This doesn’t clog pores so don’t worry about applying an oil to your face. It will make it glow!

Here’s the product I need to buy so I can use it every single day- MOISTURIZING FACE SCREEN SPF 30. This tinted sunscreen contains non-nano zinc oxide, Red raspberry seed oil, Green tea/white tea infusion. It also protects against both UVA (the aging rays) and UVB (the burning rays. I like it so much because its so good for skin, it protects the skin, and it acts as a really nice primer although that is not what it’s made for necessarily. I want to nourish my skin all day long but don’t always want to wear a moisturizer since my skin tends to be oily. Somehow, this product keeps oil production in check, adds a hint of color and lasts all day and clearly it protects like a fierce shield! I’m seriously in love with it and need more!

Marie Veronique Organics
is super luxury organic products at its best! There are many more products than what I have tried so please take a look by going here.

What caught my eye is this for hyperpigmentation and this body oil!




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