My not- so- strange addictions


 Since going natural, there are several products that I have quickly become addicted to. I’m not ashamed to admit it! Every single day I reach for these and I wanted to share with you the items that are well worth your hard earned money.

I know that going natural is  not always cheap although its cheaper than treating an illness or disease later in life.

What I have found is that the more natural a product is, the more concentrated the formula is and the less you use which makes your cost per use less. Make sense? I feel your pain. I’m about to sell some True Religion jeans so I can buy a $60 face scrub.

It was somewhat difficult to break up with my favorite toxic beauty products but when there are equally (or even better) products available it makes the transition so much easier. In no particular order, here’s what I reach for again and again:

Lip Gleem Neem lip shine– with shea and mango butters, this is ideal for when I don’t want lip color. Around the house, before bed, when I go on a walk, this is what I have on my pouty lips.

 Marie Veronique Moisture Tint– a dab of non-oily color and sun protection, made with non-nano zinc oxide.

Zen Society makeup remover– super gentle, natural and organic? Leaves skin smooth? Removes makeup? yes please.

 Osmia Organics Black Clay Facial Soap– perfect for sensitive skin, I don’t know what or why or how this works with my slightly oil and aging skin but it makes my face glow. I wash my face with this even when my face doesn’t need to be cleaned.  Ideal with the Facial Calibration Serum.

Kuumba Made Oriental Musk fragrance oil is a nice compliment to the Skin & Bones oil I reviewed yesterday. These two together are a clean, natural and subtle scent that’s perfect for those who don’t like traditional, heavy perfumes. 

100% Pure Blush, I don’t know why this brand isn’t seen everywhere and why everyone isn’t wearing it! The products are awesome, this blush is a pop of long lasting pink. Colored with berry pigments. Natural gorgeous cosmetics? Look here.

rms ‘un’cover up  I just talked about this yesterday but I will mention again that this is IDEAL for around the eyes, blemishes and anywhere else you need a bit of help to even out the skintone.

Annmarie Gianni Herbal Facial Oil, this is the product that kicked me into natural beauty. I never thought an oil- yes, an OIL- could change my skin but this one did. I’ve bought this over and over and use it a few times a week to keep my skin in check.


I love clothes. This dress from mark. you know, the makeup brand? Its just perfect for any occasion that comes up this time of year. The dress is nicely made and fits like a glove. Its not too long, is super comfortable and if you see me, I may very well be wearing it. Flattering to any body shape too!


A few months ago, I was looking for a Stella McCartney Falabella bag. I wanted one soooooooo badly. I loved the chain, the design, the size. I was upset because I couldn’t afford to buy myself one. Lo’ and behold, here’s a great alternative! This is exactly what I wanted and the gray color is nice because its different but still neutral. The black studded bag is also a winner, I swap these two all the time depending on what I’m wearing. Both from mark! Here’s a link for you.

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  1. Loved the look into your skin are and clothes stash! Even though I’d never use Mark cosmetics, loving the clothes & accessories.

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