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Let’s shop for natural beauty products online!


I’m sorry to give you some bad news. Unless you have a cool boutique beauty shop that sells organic and natural beauty, you probably have to find your beauty products online.

I have a large natural supermarket in my town but still the selection is quite limited especially when it comes to cosmetics and haircare.  Unfortunate, isn’t it? When will someone open up the natural/organic/cruelty free version of Sephora or Ulta?

Luckily there are great places to shop online. You can always shop on the actual product website or go to online superstores like, the “green” section of,,  or and peruse the large selections they offer.

 I have been scouring the internet looking for organic and natural beauty products, reading about ingredients and making sure the companies I recommend  are cruelty free.

Being healthy takes a certain level of commitment and diligence but its so worth it!

Most of the time ingredients are listed alongside the product so you can take a look to see if they are truly natural. Do your research and familiarize yourself with common ingredients. Figure out what you are comfortable with- a little bit of parabens in your makeup? Sulfates in shampoo or dimethicone in your hair serum?  Not everyone is super strict when it comes to ingredients in makeup and haircare but its important for everyone to be aware. 

My advice is to always read the labels and don’t be fooled by a product thats labeled “natural” because as you know, companies stretch the truth a bit to appeal to customers.

I’ve had great luck on shopping at  Spirit Beauty Lounge. The cosmetics, skincare, and hair products have all been carefully chosen, their ingredients combed over by those who run the sites. You can be confident that what you are buying is non toxic and not harmful to your body.

My favorite online shops for truly natural products:

Spirit Beauty Lounge


Saffron Rouge




What are your favorite places to shop for natural and clean beauty products?


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