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In heavy rotation: rms ‘un’coverup, ‘un’powder and lip2cheek


For the longest time, all I heard from other green beauty girls was rave reviews for rms beauty. Created by makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, the products are super natural, pure and designed to illuminate and enhance the skin of those who wear it.. rms beauty is the answer to the question, “What’s your favorite natural beauty line?”

I have three products from this line and can’t wait to add more. Here’s what I use nearly every day:

‘un’cover up is housed in a little glass jar, this versatile concealer can be used as a light foundation or spot concealer. Its creamy texture allows me to skip an eye cream. I dab this around my eye area where I need  help (and that would be everyday) and it sinks right into my skin like magic.  Its pretty amazing. If you read other beauty girls boasting about this product- believe them. It’s that good.

The ‘un’powder is white powder, so finely milled that it disappears on your face and gives you an airbrushed look. Who doesn’t want that? If I dab on the ‘un’coverup on my face and follow up with some of this powder, the result is a natural but improved version of myself.

I would love it so much if Rose-Marie would pop this formula into a tube and offer it up as lipstick, I’m talking about the lip2cheek. This hydrating mineral color comes in the same glass pot as the ‘un’coverup and has a smooth,  soft consistency. I put it on my cheeks for color (I use the shade Promise which is a warm coral shade) then apply to lips. You don’t need a lot which is good because I dig into this every single day and I want it to last.

 I need a mirror to apply it properly to my mouth- thats the reason I’m begging Rose-Marie to put it in a tube as a lipstick! Its so perfect with a little gloss over it.

You can find these products on the website rmsbeauty here or order it from one of my favorite places, Spirit Beauty Lounge where my shopping cart is always overflowing with natural goodness!

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