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Help For Curly Girls: Deva Curl and Jessicurl haircare

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Several months ago I grew both tired of and disgusted by my hair. I had tried every product on the market for hair that could be best described as frizzy. I read something about the Curly Hair Method of caring for wavy/curly hair and I had an epiphany. Click here to see what kind of curls you have!

My wavy hair was being mistreated – that’s why it was frizzy.

I had been using silicones every day and as you might know, a silicone coats the hair- it doesn’t help treat the problem which for me was thin, color treated, weakened and porous locks. The silicones don’t wash away and what happens is that hair is repeatedly coated until a layer of buildup occurs. Conditioning treatments cannot penetrate the hair because of the silicone resting on top. It’s like trying to moisturize your body (hair) while wearing a raincoat (silicone). You have to strip the silicones from the hair by using a sulfate shampoo then begin treating the problem.

I set out to improve my hair by doing the following:

* NOT towel drying but wrapping wet hair in a soft cotton tee shirt.

*I  banished ALL SILICONES from my routine.

*I only blow dry my hair until about 60% dry then allow it to air dry if I have the time.

 *Skip the curling iron/flat iron, only use a curling iron occasionally

Like with my cosmetics, I had to be brutal and toss out anything that contained questionable chemicals and anything ending in —cone, which means its a form of silicone.


During this journey I found two great hair care companies both dedicated to Curly Hair. First is DevaCurl. I tried a couple of products from this line. First  I tried the No-Poo Zero Lather Cleanser, One Condition, Light Define Gel plus the  Frizz Free Volumizing Foam.  These products are not organic or purely natural but they do not contain harsh ingredients, parabens or any silicones.

I didn’t mind the non- lather of the No-Poo. I want to clean my roots and condition my ends which is exactly what these products did. The Volumizing Foam really brought out the curls in my hair! There is a huge line of products at DevaCurl for my fellow curly-wavy-frizzy haired beauty lovers. Check out the super neat blow dryer with the hand attachment- its on my Wish List!

Jessicurl is an equally excellent brand. I tried the Light and Luminous Collection which smells lovely and works well. The Gentle Lather Shampoo doesn’t have a lot of suds (which is great) and cleans nicely. The Aloeba Daily Conditioner does a good job of adding moisture to my hair but the stand out here is the thick TooShea conditioner! It adds a surge of nourishment to my dry hair.

There are a variety of products to coax the curls out- Confident Coils, Rockin’ Ringlets, Awe Inspiraling Spray and Gelebration Spray. I cant pick a favorite because they all work well. You don’t need much if you have fine, shorter hair. A little goes a long way!

Jessicurl is very honest about their ingredients and as a crazy label reader, I appreciate that! Every ingredient is explained here.

If you have frizzy hair, realize this- your hair probably isn’t truly frizzy, its just waves and curls crying out to be nourished. Start with DevaCurl and Jessicurl, your hair will thank you by behaving. Mine isn’t totally perfect but its definitely better!

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