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Face Mapping: How Your Face Can Help Your Health


Face Mapping is an ancient  study from the Chinese. The theory is that what ever is wrong inside your body will reflect on your face. Ever wonder why those lines around your mouth are more pronounced or why you’re breaking out on your chin?

Consult the chart to trace the symptoms to the cause. Our skin is the body’s largest organ and when it begins acting up there’s usually a good reason. I find this completely fascinating! Now I will be silently diagnosing everyone I meet.

Let’s take a closer look:

Forehead: This area correlates to the bladder and small intestines.  If you notice breakouts here,try cutting back on dairy in your diet.  If you notice deep lines across the forehead this could indicate a blocked colon or gallbladder.

Remedy: Lots of raw foods, especially green leafy vegetables. Drink plenty of water. Skip the junk food.

Between the Eyes/Mid Brow:  This relates to the liver. A breakout here might signal stressing your digestive system, not getting enough rest or you may have food allergies.

Remedy: Fresh air, calming exercises like yoga, brisk walking.

Ears/Temples: This area correlates to the kidneys. Too much alcohol, smoking, poor lymphatic circulation, high fat consumption, too much salt.

Remedy: Lots of water! Cut down on any junk foods, salt, spices, alcohol, caffeine, sugary drinks. Increase green leafy vegetables.

Around the Eyes:  This also ties to your kidneys.  You might notice dark circles or puffiness, which might just indicate that you need more sleep or have  stomach issues, bad diet. Could  be allergies.

Remedy: Eliminate processed foods, increase water. 

Mouth & Chin: Corresponds to the large intestines and indicates a diet high in fat and sugar, too much caffeine, stress.

Remedy: A detox will cleanse your system. Hydrate with water and up consumption of leafy vegetables.

Nose & Upper Lip:  This area is connected to the heart. Constipation, indigestion, gas, bloating and poor blood circulation- check your blood pressure.

Remedy: Try drinking green tea and  lots of water to flush out toxins.

Mid-Cheeks:  Corresponds to the heart/lungs and respiratory system. Pollution, second hand smoke are causes.
Remedy: Fresh air, increase oxygen intake.

Chin & Jaw:  Breakouts here might be a sign of a hormonal imbalance.

Remedy: Exercise such as yoga and meditation to decrease stress.  Omega 3-6-9 tablets to  balance hormones.


Be sure to always drink lots of water, increase your consumption of green leafy vegetables by juicing or making smoothies.
Stay away from salt, sugar, caffeine, junk foods, processed foods. 
Get proper rest, at least 7-8 hours a night.
Decrease dairy which is known to be repsonsible for various allergies and stomach issues.
Clean your makeup brushes, cell phone and pillowcases.
Avoid alcohol and smoking. Get exercise but not overly strenuous: try yoga and meditation to decrease stress.
Eat more fiber, increase fruits and vegetable consumption.
Read the ingredients on your skincare and makeup, remember the least amount of toxins and chemicals, the better! Plus less irritation and breakouts with cleaner, greener products.


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  1. Love this information! The face is a roadmap of your life story. It is endlessly fascinating. Thanks for sharing this important information that essentially teaches us that there’s more to each wrinkle and blemish than meets the eye. It’s time to go deeper to the cause behind it rather than just treating the surface issue. Nice!

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