cindyreads:The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls: A Novel


I really didn’t know what to expect based on the title, especially since I didn’t quite know how to pronounce Yonahlossee. But from page one I was hooked and I grew to read over that word. If you like books about family drama, sexual awakening, coming of age with a dose of intrigue, this is for you!

Thea Atwell has done something horrible and brought shame to her wealthy citrus family who lives in Florida during the beginning of the Great Depression. What Thea has done is so terrible that she is sent away to the Yonahlossee Riding Camp, a year round boarding school for girls in the mountains of North Carolina.

As soon as she arrives at the camp, she is out of place. Growing up, her parents have kept her and her twin brother away from other people, home schooling them and only allowing them to play with each other and their older cousin Georgie who frequently visits with his parents. Thea doesn’t know anything about other girls her age and has a hard time fitting in. Thankfully its a riding camp and Thea is an expert rider. She finds solace in her horse and riding.

Through flashbacks we finally learn what drove Thea to commit such a act that her parents felt they had to send their only daughter away from her happy home where she and her brother were best friends. She misses Sam with all of her heart but slowly she begins to navigate her way through her new home.

I was completely engaged in this book although I was beginning to get mad that we didn’t learn exactly what Thea did that was so terrible until about halfway through it! The setting of Appalachia is different, I loved the time period. The author’s writing is very good- I was really interested to find out what was going to happen to Thea, a sheltered, selfish yet not unlikeable girl whose impulses have led her down the wrong path.

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