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CindyReads: You Are Beautiful by Ken Paves


What a great book for a beauty lover like myself. I am well familiar with Ken Paves as being Jessica Simpson’s close friend. I watched their beauty show about various cultures around the world and how they view beauty and pursue the beauty ideal. It was a great show and I liked getting to know Ken through it.

Ken most well known for being a master hair stylist, having worked on numerous popular television shows. He’s also worked with just about every celebrity!

But this book isn’t about is celebrity clients, its about real women. He shows us several women in his life and how they are beautiful, on the inside and outside. Ken believes we are all beautiful and should  celebrate what makes us special and unique.

In You are Beautiful, Ken gives us lots of great advice from caring for dry hair to how to cut your own bangs And much more.

This is a gorgeous book, easy to read with lovely photos. I especially liked reading about Ken’s work before he became a famous celeb hair stylist. I can’t wait to put those tips to work- hint: he recommends air drying hair!

Definitely give this book a look, you will walk away with valuable insider tips and a boost to your self esteem. After all, Ken Paves thinks you are beautiful!









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