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You might suffer from Keratosis Pilaris and not even know it


I hadn’t even heard of Keratosis Pilaris until recently, I didn’t know what it was. Once I read about this condition, I immediately recognized a few people close to me suffer from it.

Here’s the 411 on this common skin condition:

Triggered by an overproduction of keratin (the protein that forms the outer layer of skin), this substance builds up and clogs hair follicles, resulting in tiny dots (looks like teeny pimples) that feel rough like sandpaper. Sometimes these pumps become inflamed and look red. KP is genetic and linked to dryness. It’s not glaringly obvious but if you have it, you might feel self conscious about baring your skin, especially this time of year. It also might be uncomfortable.


Glytone has a few products that really help. Start with the Exfoliating Body Wash that comes with a shower pouf. The Glycolic Acid helps get rid of dry, dead skin cells. After you use the body wash, gently dry off and use the Glycolic Body Lotion which contains 17.5% Glycolic Acid. This will treat the KP, soften skin and retexturize the affected area.

I have seen first hand the difference that these products have made in a short time. If you use them consistently you will definitely see an improvement in the skin. While I am all about treating skin naturally, I see nothing wrong with reaching for a reputable product if you have a skin condition, especially if your self esteem is suffering. 

Glytone also has a great group of products to treat acne, improve the look of aging skin, and more. I personally love the Mini Peel Gel that I do occasionally to clean my skin looking brighter.

You can see more by going to the official Glytone site here! There are many more products than what I have listed so take a look.

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