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Why Hello Dollface is going natural {as of June 1st}


As of JUNE 1st, this blog will feature only {natural/organic} and cruelty- free beauty products!

Plus the usual book reviews and much more.

Things are changing at Hello Dollface and its been a long time coming. I started this blog because I LOVE makeup, skincare and hair products. In fact, long before I began writing about beauty, I was obsessed.  As a little girl, I would walk up and down the cosmetics aisle (when there was only Maybelline, CoverGirl and L’Oreal)  and I couldn’t wait for the day I’d be able to wear it!

A few years ago I had the desire to switch to natural products but didn’t know how to go about it- I’d  been working with so many great PR firms and brands that I didn’t want to lose them. Plus, is a lot excellent makeup out there and I wasn’t ready to stop using my favorite, toxin filled foundations and lipsticks. I tried to ignore the fact that companies were testing on animals which I can’t bear the thought of.

Meanwhile, I  began to stop eating processed foods that had no nutritional content.  I started juicing and doing yoga. I read the  labels of everything I bought and watched endless documentaries on nutrition. At the same time, I started reading ingredients on cosmetics, skincare and hair products. I noticed that my hair was looking  worse and maybe, I thought, my hair was taking a beating from the ingredients in the products I was using. I started using organic skincare and my skin began to improve. I decided to only use natural products on my hair and see if there was an improvement there as well.

I learned that 80% of what we put on our body is absorbed through the skin. So if there are chemicals and toxins in the things we are putting on our skin, our bodies are taking that in. With my strong family history of cancer, I can’t afford to be increasing my chances by allowing myself to put various toxins on my body, in my hair. If Im eating well and exercising, shouldn’t I apply the same philosphy to my personal care products?


Now here’s a disclaimer- I’m not perfect and do eat the occasional french fry. I paint my nails with toxic nail polish. I line my eyes with an eyeliner that I love, one that’s not all  natural. Going green, clean, eco-friendly and organic takes time and research and there are definitely trade offs.

Maybe its not important to you to wear natural makeup and read labels and that’s okay! Maybe you love your makeup from the department store and don’t want to give it up and that’s okay too. We all have to do what’s best for us individually, no judgement here.

Over the next two weeks,  Hello Dollface will begin to post only natural beauty products, articles and recipes, any tips about health or nutrition I think you will like. And of course I will always write book reviews because reading is my passion.

Have you made the switch to natural products? Will you? Do you think natural products aren’t as good as the ones you’ve been using?  I am here to introduce  you to amazing makeup, skincare and hair products that is natural, organic and cruelty free. Stay tuned.



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  1. I love this idea! I have been trying hard to eat natural foods, but some companies are so sneaky!i honestly wish they made it easier bc I don’t have time to read all the labels! I have been using coconut oil on my skin and hair and I have noticed a positive difference in both over the past month! Sorry for the long reply 🙂

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